What percentage of buyers leave customer review of item?


I want to know what percentage of buyers leave customer review of some item?

I will be very happy if you could write below how many reviews you received on your item within for example one month and how many units you sold within that month of that item…

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I sold over 532 units and got only 4 reviews. Many buyers don’t like leaving reviews and the few that do would only leave a review if they enjoyed the product and customer shopping experience with you.


Are you talking about product reviews, or feedback on your seller performance? Either way, I believe the average is 3-5%. So if you sold 100 products this month, you can expect 3 to 5 customers leaving feedback. It takes some time to accumulate feedback, so don’t be discouraged if it feels like its taking a while!

Tiana with ecomdash


Even fewer than leave seller feedback.


Seller reviews, 2%. Item reviews, 6%


2-4 percent for feedback and product reviews


My lifetime total sales transactions is in 6 digits, the items I sell have maybe 8-10 product reviews. My lifetime feedbacks is around 650. Now I average 1 feedback every 3-4 days.


Product reviews are more difficult to get on a product than feedback. On products that we created a page on Amazon for, we average about 1 product review for every 200 orders. In the past, we have provided a slip along with the packing slip in the package asking for product feedback and providing a link to make it easy for the buyer. When doing this we were able to drive product reviews higher to about 1 in every 100 orders or so.


We are running within a fraction of 2% feedback.

I can’t calculate product reviews, too many listings. But my gut says around the same.


Ok, so if 5% of buyers leave item review, it should mean that this seller sold about 100,000 pcs of this item… Right?

Isn’t it too much, because on eBay the top seller of this item sold about 10,000 pcs, and there are a lot of other sellers of this on Amazon which have 3000+ reviews?

Thank you


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