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Hi Sellers,

We wanted to highlight some recently refreshed Seller University modules about FBA inventory planning and best practices:

  • Intro to the FBA Inventory page: Gain knowledge of the ‘FBA inventory’ page in Seller Central to help manage excess or aged inventory, as well as metrics to improve overall inventory health.
  • Manage your FBA Inventory: Learn how to use the ‘Inventory Amazon Fulfills’ page in Seller Central to maintain the FBA inventory you’ve shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Intro to Send to Amazon: Understand the benefits of FBA’s new shipment-creation workflow, Send to Amazon, and find out when you should try it.
  • Send to Amazon – Step 2: Confirm shipping: Get step-by-step instructions for Step 2 of the Send to Amazon workflow. Learn how to review shipment details for the FBA inventory you chose to send in Step 1. Then find out how to confirm those details by setting your Ship date and choosing small parcel or pallet as your Shipping mode.
  • Intro to the Inventory Performance Index (IPI): Learn about the IPI score, which measures how well you avoid excess FBA inventory and keep your high-demand FBA products in stock. In this video, you’ll learn where to find your IPI score and our tips for improving your score.

Other helpful FBA resources that have been refreshed:

  • Guide to FBA fulfillment costs and related fees: FBA costs depend on the products you sell and the exact services you use. In this guide, you’ll learn about FBA fulfillment costs, which vary based on product size tiers, shipping weight, and product category; FBA storage costs, which vary based on the daily average volume your inventory occupies in Amazon fulfillment centers; and other FBA costs you may encounter, such as a returns processing fee. Plus, locate additional resources and tips for planning your inventory levels and estimating your fees.
  • Estimate core selling and FBA fees: Learn how to estimate core selling and FBA fees using three tools on Seller Central: the ‘Estimated fee per unit sold’ column on Manage Inventory, the Revenue Calculator, and the Fee Preview report. We also review the Product Fees API available through Selling Partner API (SP-API).

We hope you find these educational modules helpful! If you’d like to highlight any other FBA resources that may have helped you throughout your Amazon selling experience, please feel free to drop those in the replies of this thread.

Please let us know if you have any questions on these refreshed modules. We will work with the proper partner teams to get your questions answered as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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One of my ASINs suddenly stopped showing the metric “x bought in past month”, is anyone experiencing the same issue?

The sales have been steady for several months so it’s not because of lack of sales.

I contacted Amazon Seller support and they don’t know what could cause that and did a listing refresh to try to resolve the issue but nothing changed. The metric is still missing for that particular ASIN.

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Account deactivate- multiple account policy voilation
by Seller_RuirScmAYdyf9

My account is deactivate now and how could I convince amazon, I just create my account and my performance page showing me I have associated another account already deactivate but I didn't recognize anyone?

if anyone help me really appreciate.

Thank you


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I am not allowed to get reviews because I communicate with my buyers. That is what one of your representatives told me a while back.

Who do I need to talk to about this?

I sell handmade items. All of them have some customization from small to large.

I have clear instructions on how to select the customizations, still, many of my buyers want to either ask about it or ask for additional customizations, or they plain forget to add a name or a date and I have to send a message and ask about it.

I called a while back and the representative said that it was because of messaging back and forth with the buyers that makes Amazon think I am asking for reviews and I'm NOT!

You can check all my messages from the start and you'll find none, not even one message where I ask somebody for a review, good or bad, none! I've been here since the beginning of Handmade. I know it is prohibited to ask for reviews and I would never risk my selling privileges for a review!

I can't leave a review on the stuff I buy at Amazon nor get a review on things I sell on Amazon!

What do I need to do to be able to receive reviews again? The competition is killing me with their Chinese crap materials and cheap prices!

Thank you for any help you can give me because my store is going underwater because of this. I don't know how much more I can hold on.

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Amazon is not accepting our Ingram invoices, why?

Ingram is the first Amazon supplier when Jeff started the business.

They are not being accepted to appeal trademark complaints. We need to understand why otherwise our account will be suspended soon. We are complying with everything below. We have a doubt with this one, our Ingram account is under our LLC, "Includes your name and address, matching the information in your selling account."

When amazon says "name" does it mean the legal account name LLC, or my personal name?


Invoice Requirements (Document must meet the below requirements)

Dated before the date of your notice.

Includes your name and address, matching the information in your selling account.

Includes the name and address of the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer.

Order quantity is sufficient to fulfill the units sold since the invoice date.



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Negative rating for wrong store/item
by Seller_0jRm2n9GLv4Jo

We received a 1 star rating for a product we don't sell:


While we did respond to the rating, we would prefer it if it was removed as 1 star ratings take a whole lot of 5 star ratings to erase. I sent in a request for review and I don't think they even bothered to read it because it was denied with the generic letter about how we might not like it but they don't remove specified feedback.

The order was for the world's largest lollipop. We don't even sell father's day cards. Can we please get some human assistance on having this rating removed?

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Assign a valid charge method issue
by Seller_VBCkijlwp3ont

for some reason Amazon has restricted my account due to changing card methods getting charged. My old card had to be replaced so I switched to another card and all of a sudden they restricted my account. I’m having to put sales on hold and other issues. This is a huge major problem with Amazon and needs to be resolved. My card had a fraud protection on it and I had to approve it. I think that might be the problem but this should not be happening. I need my account to be active as this is costing me money. Very frustrated with this.

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Hello Community Team,

We have raised a case to seller support about this under ID 15437104401

the following ASINs have lost the buybox:






























We did not raise any prices and our metrics are now outside of any violations

We did address an odr issue what was discussed with the account health team under case 15436716291

They were able to see that feedback and an order complain was invalid which reduced our rate of 1.84% to 1.21 % ODR which no longer is triggering Amazons warning

We have also addressed the situation with a plan of action we need to communciate to Amazon:

What happend:

We had some shrimp that died during transist

What we did:

We've since added heavy insulation and styrofoam to our packaging as well as injected additional oxygen to our bags to ensure live arrival of our shrimp

What we will do going forward:

We will continue implementing these measures mentioned above and ensure that we are continuing our speedy communication with our buyers to adhere to amazons customer obession principle

Could the forums & communities teams please escalate and help us obtain the featured offer on our catalog? This would be highly appreciated as we've rectified the situation at hand and wish to resume sales on Amazon ASAP, thank you kindly!











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When tracking this shipment in my seller account it shows that it was picked up and is delayed in transit. The buyer waited patiently for movement but it still hasn't. Per the suggestion of Amazon customer service one option to offer the customer is the file an A to Z claim (my account would not suffer bc shipping was purchased through Amazon.

Buyer filed a to z but if tracked outside my account it shows its still waiting to be picked up? I know I shipped the product out so when the buyer reached out to me that they didn't receive the package, I tracked it in my account and followed what I thought was right and had been advised.

I have had reps say they have to contact a 3rd party software to fix this (it's happening with other orders as well),to "you need to get the package back from the carrier", (HOW? WHERE?), to "Yeah, sorry case is closed"

I JUST got my account back after a year of trying to communicate with Amazon in a similar situation, my account health is now poor bc of this claim and I can't get approved for anything!

Thank you for your time....this is causing a snowball effect to my business.

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I registered my Amazon store last December. For these 4 month, I've been preparing my goods. In May, I've prepared all the goods and decide to create listing on Amazon. However, due to the long time I did not go to my Amazon store, it requires me to do the seller identity verification.

I prepared required documents. Since I live in mainland China and my company is in Hong Kong. The system refused my verification several times due to these complexity. I opened 7-8 cases, both in China and in US, in order to solve these problem.

They provided me with different solutions. The US team requires me to schedule a video call. The China team requires me to provide my business info of my Hong Kong Company from the government website. When I provide the document as required, I immediately pass the seller verification process. Thanks a lot! And I think since I already passed successfully, there's no need to schedule the interview, because the problem has already been solved!

However, after 4 days, I received an email from US team, saying that I didn't provide sufficient documents in the interview (???I've not attend to any interview), they deactivate my account. I'm very depressed about it and don't know what I can do further to solve this problem.

Here's the email which tell me I successfully pass the seller verification process:

Here is the email I received 4 days later, and says my account was deactivated. However, I didn't enter any video call. Because I think my seller verification process problem is solved, as the previous email said and I can start to sell my goods.

Is it because the same problem is both taken by the US team and the Hong Kong team and I need to respond both of them? So what can I do now?

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Is There Anybody Alive in FC CLT2?
by Seller_6fc87hABUf1ee
Amazon replied

Shipment id: FBA181PTNVJF

The previous investigation date is June 12 and now it was changed to June 16. Nothing changed in the past 2 weeks. What did these sloths do in this 15 days? Just watch and tell sellers every day is peak season?

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