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Seller Forums Guidelines

About Amazon Seller Forums

With thousands of new posts each day across a variety of topics, Amazon’s Seller Forums are your daily stop for finding the answers that can help you launch and find success selling in Amazon’s store. With millions of Selling Partners participating, Amazon's Seller Forums are a valuable and inclusive community to share experiences and best practices with other Selling Partners, and receive useful insights from Amazon Community Managers and Amazon thought leaders to help grow your business.

Participation in Seller Forums

It is important to note that content posted within Seller Forums is publicly available for anyone to view. Only Selling Partners with a Seller Central account may engage with and post within Seller Forums. Any identifying information, such as your username, will only be viewable by Selling Partners accessing Seller Forums while logged in to their Seller Central account.

Seller Forums Guidelines

To create and provide an inclusive and welcoming community for all, we request that you follow the general posting guidelines listed below. Violations of these guidelines, other terms and conditions, or Program Policies may result in the suspension or removal of your Seller Forums posting privileges.

To make the most of the Seller Forums community, we recommend the following tips for engagement:
  • Content that demonstrates no relevance to selling in Amazon’s store, or disrupts the effective use of the Seller Forums in any way.
  • Commentary that could be considered disrespectful, including: insults, personal attacks, spiteful remarks, obscenities, profanity, harassment, bullying, defamatory or inflammatory statements.
  • Content that is discriminatory or hateful, including but not limited to commentary based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability.
  • For your safety, please do not include personal information such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, personal addresses, license numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, any financial information, or IP address.
  • Political commentary, including opinions and statements about political candidates, parties, and policies. This content is not considered relevant to selling in Amazon’s store.
  • Content that could be considered spam, such as copying and pasting the same post across a number of threads or posting unsolicited links.
  • Attempts at impersonating other Selling Partners and/or entities.
  • Post links that send users to non-Amazon external websites, URLs, or hyperlinks. This includes commercial content such as advertising, promotions, or solicitations.
  • Content that violates or could potentially violate any laws, including intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of others like copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secrets is not allowed.

Guidelines for Enforcement

Warnings are an official notice of a violation of these Seller Forum Guidelines that are received through Forums account notifications. Community Managers may edit or remove prohibited content associated with a violation. No action is expected from the Selling Partner other than reading the warning to understand and correct future behavior. Repeated warnings or violations of these guidelines may result in a suspension of posting privileges or additional corrective actions.

Suspensions: Temporary suspensions may range from 1 to 30 days depending on the severity and nature of the violation. Multiple suspensions over time may lead to a permanent removal of posting privileges. If you would like to dispute a suspension, please reply directly to the email communication Amazon sends providing details around the reasons for the suspension.

Seller Forums Best Practices

Share your experiences and solutions

We would love to have you as part of our Forums community. Your posts will be most effective if they are helpful and on topic. If you have an experience or a solution that may help other Selling Partners, please share it! We also encourage you to interact with other members by offering your insights or answering questions. This fosters an open, collaborative environment.

Search first

Before you start a new thread, see if your question has already been answered. Our community contains millions of previously answered questions that provide a helpful place to start. We’ve made it easier for you to find the most relevant information with our search functionality, allowing you to filter and sort by votes, views, number of discussions, and Amazon-verified responses. You can browse by discussions, categories, and tags to find answers to your questions. When creating a post, we also suggest other posts that may be relevant to the topic or question you want to discuss.

Community Connections

Join our Amazon Community Managers for an opportunity to participate in a variety of thought-provoking topics focused on your experiences selling in Amazon’s store, as well as Amazon’s programs and products. It’s your place to create connections with other Selling Partners and with our Amazon teams. Your contributions in this category help us facilitate change based on your conversations and constructive feedback.

Engage with Amazon

This is a great tag to keep an eye on if you’re interested in discussing and learning from other Selling Partners’ experiences across our store, programs, and products. Finding us is easy, just search for this tag to discover discussions focused on diverse topics lead by our Community Managers.

Ask Amazon

Looking to participate in a live Ask Amazon event where you have the opportunity to ask questions unique to your business? Search for this tag to connect with our Amazon product teams through our Community Managers to answer your questions live in the forums on a variety of always changing, highly discussed, and timely topics. These threads are a great resource to reference even after they're closed as they have highly valuable answers provided directly by our teams.

Seller Stories

Are you looking for a little inspiration or to be an advocate for your Selling Partner community? Join us here by searching for this tag to find seller stories, highlights, or to even become one. We cover anything from how Selling Partners started their businesses, challenges they have faced and conquered, to best practices, lessons learned, and more!

About Amazon Community Managers

Community Managers help keep Seller Forums a welcoming and helpful space for everyone. Community Managers have several roles including facilitating meaningful conversation, connecting Selling Partners, and maintaining a safe and inclusive culture in the Forums community. In general, if you have an issue that needs review, please start with submitting a Seller Support case (providing as much detail as possible). This will enable Community Managers to investigate specifics if questions are asked in the Forums and allow for follow up with the Selling Partner where appropriate.

Seller Forums Legal Notice

Content posted on the Seller Forums is the property of Amazon, and your use of Seller Forums will be governed by’s Privacy Notice. In accordance with Amazon Program Policies, do not use Seller Forums to violate or encourage others to violate any policies including price fixing, influencing customer reviews, and violating Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct. Use of Seller Forums is subject to the terms of the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement, Amazon Privacy Notice, Amazon Conditions of Use, and the Seller Forums Guidelines.

Amazon reserves the right to update the Seller Forum Guidelines at any time and remove content at any time for any reason, including violations of policy, inaccurate information, privacy-related issues, or related to changes in how Seller Forums operates.

If you have questions about your seller account, contact Seller Support.

Last updated February 2nd, 2023.