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Expanding products eligible to ship to AWD: Shoes
by Seller_vtQxROP6UNr1O

You can now ship items in the product category of Shoes to AWD.

When you book your shipment to AWD, we’ll validate that the ASINs you're sending are eligible based on the following criteria:

  • Product Eligibility: Products with no expiration date, and is not considered a dangerous good. We are continuously improving product eligibility for AWD, here’s the Seller Central help page to check which products are currently eligible.
  • Carton Specifications:
  1. Boxes that are smaller than 25 inches on any side and that weigh 50 lb or less.
  2. Products that are 18 inches long x 14 inches wide x 8 inches high or smaller, and that weigh 20 lb or less.
  • SKU Packing: Each carton/box can only contain one unique SKU; mixed SKUs are not allowed.
  • Shipment SKU Limit: A single shipment can contain up to 150 unique SKUs.

We are always running pilot programs to help expand our product selection. If you are interested in participating in a pilot, please reach out to your Account Manager (AM) or Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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The Feedback Manager in Seller Central has been updated so you can now see your seller-fulfilled customer service performance across three critical insights: contacts, response time, and buyer sentiment.

These updates can help you identify opportunities for customer service improvement through Buyer-Seller Messaging and trends for the prior four-week period, on a rolling basis.

Visit the Feedback Manager to see these new features in a module at the top of the page featuring these three performance insights based on your seller-fulfilled orders:

  • Preventable contacts
  • Average contact response time
  • Buyer dissatisfaction rate

These performance insights are intended to be educational only. Your account health won’t be affected.

To learn more, go to Customer service insights on Feedback Manager.

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Registration now open for Amazon Accelerate 2024
by Seller_IHusEYgKLJTGp
Amazon replied

Amazon Accelerate 2024 registration is now open! Come connect, find inspiration, and be empowered at our premier annual seller conference from September 17, 2024, to September 19, 2024, in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon Accelerate offers opportunities to network with fellow sellers, receive personalized one-on-one support from Amazon subject matter experts, and be the first to discover cutting-edge resources and tools to accelerate your business growth.

At this year’s conference, you'll have access to the following features:

  • Exclusive mainstage insights: Be the first to hear from Amazon senior leaders as they unveil the latest innovations.
  • In-depth learning sessions: Dive into exclusive content designed to empower your success–from beginner to advanced.
  • Community and networking: Immerseyourself in a vibrant community and forge valuable connections with likeminded peers and Amazon experts.
  • Personalized support: Receive one-on-one support and explore a curated collection of Amazon programs and third-party service providers.

Register by July 14, 2024, to get $100 off the in-person registration price at $499 (regularly $599). In-person seats are limited, so register today.

For more information and to register for Amazon Accelerate 2024, go to Amazon Accelerate.

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The Subscribe & Save program will expand to include eligible seller-fulfilled products beginning on June 27, 2024.

Subscribe & Save offers customers discounts on frequently used products with the convenience of auto-delivery. This program helps you boost conversions, drive repeat purchases, and grow brands.

We'll automatically enroll all of your eligible, replenishable products at the default discount set in your Subscribe & Save settings. If you previously set a default discount for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Subscribe & Save, that setting will also apply to your seller-fulfilled Subscribe & Save selection starting June 27.

We'll also fund an additional 5% discount for customers who have five or more subscriptions that are scheduled to arrive on the same delivery day. If you don't have a default discount set, we'll add your eligible products at a 0% seller-funded base discount.

You might experience an increase in pending orders as we align seller-fulfilled Subscribe & Save deliveries with the subscriber’s weekly or monthly subscription delivery day.

To set your default enrollment discount, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Growth, and select Explore programs.
  2. Click Increase conversion.
  3. Under Subscribe & Save, click Learn more.

From there, you can also do the following:

  • Opt out from automatic enrollment.
  • Update your discount funding for each product after the June 27 launch.
  • Review your Performance dashboard.

For more information about Subscribe & Save product eligibility, go to Subscribe & Save for sellers.

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We've updated the FBA Enrollment Opportunities tool to help you decide which products to enroll in FBA and better understand your fulfillment costs.

You can now use the FBA Enrollment Opportunities tool to identify products priced below $10 that are eligible for Low-price FBA fees, and compare with standard FBA fulfillment fees.

The Revenue Calculator, which is now integrated into the FBA Enrollment Opportunities tool, helps you to:

  • Calculate net margin, net proceeds, and total costs.
  • Compare your current fulfillment costs with FBA costs.
  • Calculate costs for inbound placement options based on the region.
  • Calculate additional FBA services such as labeling and packaging.
  • Forecast holiday season and non-holiday season fulfillment costs for long-term planning.

To use these new features, go to FBA Enrollment Opportunities.

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Update to low-inventory-level fee
by Seller_IHusEYgKLJTGp
Amazon replied

In December 2023, we announced our plans to launch a low-inventory-level fee to improve inventory health and maintain sufficient inventory levels. Having sufficient inventory that is spread across our fulfillment network ensures that we have enough product close to customers so we can deliver it faster. We’ve seen that when products have sufficient inventory levels they will, on average, generate measurably more sales.

On April 1, 2024, the FBA low-inventory-level fee went into effect, and we announced any low-inventory-level fees charged in April would be credited back. We’re extending this transition period through May 14. By May 31, you’ll be credited back for any low-inventory-level fees incurred between April 1 and May 14. We hope this transition period has helped you get more familiar with the fee and fee management tools. We've seen that the additional time has enabled even more sellers to achieve healthy inventory levels and avoid this fee entirely.

We’ve continued to listen to your feedback and are making three additional changes that are designed to better target these low-inventory-level fees to where you have the most control to ensure healthy inventory:

  1. Because of the greater unpredictability in managing inventory levels for seasonal, end-of-life, and other low-volume products with varying demand, starting May 15, the low-inventory-level fee will not apply to products that have sold less than 20 units in the past 7 days.
  2. Low-inventory-level fees incurred due to excessive inbounding and processing times caused by Amazon or Amazon-managed services will be credited back to you by the 15th day of the following month. For example, May charges with excessive inbound delays will be credited back by June 15.
  3. Prime Day is an important sales driver for your business that is coming up soon, and we want to ensure that you are set up for success. For Prime Day 2024, we'll provide a time-bound exception on low-inventory-level fees for products that are included in Prime-exclusive Lightning Deals and Best Deals. The fee exception will apply for the four weeks following Prime Day when inventory levels may be more unpredictable based on Prime Day sales.

We appreciate your partnership as we continue innovating for you and our shared customers. We’re committed to providing you the right resources and tools so, together, we can get products to customers faster than ever.

You can use FBA Inventory to track your inventory health and identify products at risk of incurring low-inventory-level fees. Additionally, to estimate the low-inventory-level fee for affected products, go to FBA Revenue Calculator. To review historical charges for each product, go to SKU Economics report.

For more information on the FBA low-inventory-level fee and what qualifies, go to Low-inventory-level fee.

For fee updates by type, go to 2024 US referral and FBA fee changes summary.

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If you're enrolled in Brand Registry, you can now easily add size charts to your products with our size chart self-service tool. All new and eligible brands are automatically enrolled to the tool upon registration to Brand Registry.

The size chart tool offers a range of convenient features including:

  • Existing Amazon size chart refinement.
  • Existing size chart templates that can be used for new charts.
  • Ability to apply a size chart from a single product up to 1,000 ASINs across entire product types simultaneously.
  • Receive real-time instructions to improve size chart accuracy.
  • Enhance the relevance of your size charts for your products.

To access the tool, select Add size charts from the Catalog drop-down menu in Seller Central.

To learn more, go to Size chart self-serve tool.

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Effective immediately, if you sell consumer products that contain button cell or coin batteries you must provide the following documents to ensure compliance:

  • Proof of compliance with Underwriters Laboratories 4200A (UL4200A) from an ISO 17025-approved lab
  • General Certificate of Conformity that lists compliance with UL4200A

Previously, Reese’s Law only applied to button cell or coin batteries themselves. In the interest of safety, the law now applies to the batteries and all consumer products that contain them.

We will suppress listings if valid compliance documents are not provided.

For more information, including which batteries are affected by this policy, go to Button cell and coin batteries and products that contain them.

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On June 1, 2024, the updated returns processing fee will go into effect for products with high return-rates (except apparel and shoes). This was announced as part of the 2024 US fee changes. Fee charges will occur after the close of each three-month period. For example, for returns of units shipped in June, the fee charge will be in September.

To help you better understand your returns and return rates, and identify actions you can take to limit your risk of incurring returns processing fees, we’ve made improvements to the Return Insights dashboard on the FBA Returns page.

The Return Insights dashboard will now include the following insights:

  • Number of returned units and return rate percentages used to calculate the fee
  • Minimum return rate thresholds above which fees are charged
  • Number of returned units above the thresholdfor which fees are charged

To access the Return Insights dashboard, go to the FBA Returns page.

The updated returns processing fee looks at product returns across a three-month period of time starting with the month the product shipped and ending two calendar months later. For example, for products shipped in June, returns will be tracked through June, July and August. The fee will only be charged if the total number of returns for the products shipped in that month exceeds the threshold set for the specific product’s fee category, which are now published on the Returns processing fee page. If the returns threshold is exceeded, the returns fee will apply to each returned unit above the threshold.

For products that ship less than 25 units in a month, the updated returns processing fee is not applied for that month. Additionally, for products enrolled in the New Selection Program, we will waive the fee for the first 20 returned units that exceed the return rate threshold.

For detailed information on fee structure and rates, return rates calculation, thresholds, and exemptions, go to 2024 returns processing fee changes.

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We are excited to announce that the Bulk Upload Tool for AWD inbound shipment creation is now available! This new feature allows sellers to upload an Excel spreadsheet containing SKU details, packing templates, and quantities to quickly create AWD inbound shipment orders.

The tool currently supports all scenarios within the AWD shipment creation workflow on Seller Central. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Select “File Upload” in SKU selection method

Note: Do not change the name of the sheet from the template file in which SKU details are filled.

Step 3: Upload completed file

Things to know:

  1. You can only add each SKU once per shipment.
  2. Only one packing template is allowed per SKU per shipment.
  3. Similar to FBA, the AWD bulk upload tool supports adding up to 150 SKUs per shipment.
  4. You can include up to 5000 cartons per shipment.
  5. If there are any ineligible SKUs, shipment creation will result in errors. If the shipment does not get submitted via bulk upload, please review the downloaded template and refer to the "Instructions" sheet to understand the error report.

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Prime Day is a valuable opportunity to build awareness with Prime members and promote your top products in addition to boosting sales. Offering high-quality Prime Exclusive Discounts is one of the best ways to make the most out of this key shopping event.

You can submit Prime Exclusive Discounts on a single product or on a set of products. To get started, go to Prime Exclusive Discounts in the Advertising section of Seller Central. Be sure to check the box for Is this a Prime Day discount?

Prime Exclusive Discounts can be offered on both Prime (Fulfillment by Amazon and Seller Fulfilled Prime) and non-Prime (seller-fulfilled) offers. For FBA offers, the product must be eligible for Prime shipping in all regions within the country.

To learn more about Prime Day guidelines, go to Prime Exclusive Discounts. You can also watch a video on how to create a Prime Exclusive Discount to help you get started.

We're excited to partner with you again this year and build on the success of Prime Day 2023, which was the largest Prime Day event ever for independent sellers.

Note this important information about submissions for Prime Exclusive Discounts:

  • Amazon retains the right to reschedule or cancel the promotion at any time.
  • If your promotion is not approved within seven days, it will be canceled by Amazon.
  • Amazon doesn't guarantee that orders will be placed for the promotion.
  • Amazon doesn't guarantee the deal will be published on the chosen day or time.

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