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I recently enrolled to Seller Fulfilled Prime program and it increased my sales to 25% in a week’s time. I was ecstatic until Monday came and I was mortified to see the orders placed over the weekend had to be shipped via USPS EXPRESS MAIL / UPS 2nd Day / FEDEX 2nd Day and the likes in skyrocketing shipping charges… at least $20.00.

I spoke to several agents and they all had given me the same answer providing me this link:

Obviously the link was not that much of a help as it still did not answer my concern regarding the expensive cost of shipping for the weekend orders versus the weekday orders of which I was able to use the regular shipping options (e.g. USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail).

My question is, how feasible is this Seller-Fulfilled Prime program to regular sellers like me who wanted to earn the “PRIME” Badge without having to go broke on the shipping charges??

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I also seller under the seller fulfilled prime. It has taken me a while to figure it out. We only offer Prime in our state that we ship from. We only ship Prime Mon-Tues from 2 pm to 7 pm EST. On Wednesday after 2 pm we are able to ship until Saturday until 7 pm. These times allow us to Ship USPS Flat Rate. I have had no later orders delivered!


Technically the use of ‘regular shipping options (e.g. USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail)’ is not acceptable to ensure/guarantee delivery by the specified date. It is likely they are sufficient most of the time, but does not qualify as appropriate shipping options since the help page you were provided says you have to use a guaranteed service.

You should be using USPS EXPRESS MAIL / UPS 2nd Day / FEDEX 2nd Day on every one of these orders as they are the only appropriate guaranteed services for which is required for these types of orders.

We reviewed the requirements and found we could not afford these options and thus did not opt to do it.

Its not feasible for sellers like you – or most sellers. Based on your statements, you should stop offering Seller-Fulfilled Prime before you run into issues.

If your profit margins are not sufficient and/or you do not have discounted contracts with carriers for these types of services, then it is likely this service is not for you.

If you continue to use these non-guaranteed services, you will likely find a few late deliveries and have this service removed since Amazon requires you to maintain a high level of success to even offer it.


seller fulfilled prime is a no go. about the only thing that works is for items over 10lb use your own ups account, and set it to regional to match ups 2 day ground footprint.

Mainly because you have to use amazon “buy shipping” api. You can’t even tie you own fedex account to it. Fedex has the largest 2 day ground footprint of any shipper. so amazon gets all your shipping credits for their own discounts.

When it comes to usps you are missing all the cost saving services i mean you can’t even access regional rate boxes. So you pay full rates based on weights.

also you will get to compete with amazon on some listings where prime customers only get 4-5 day shipping but you will have to have it to them in 2 days. I’m talking non-hazmat items…what a joke.


I love SFP! I’ve had a lot of success by playing Amazon’s game. Make sure that you aren’t trying to reach out and touch the whole country. Here is one way to make sure you don’t have to use Express.

Firstly, don’t listen to these people who say “technically priority mail doesn’t qualify.” It does when Amazon says so. When you purchase shipping labels on Amazon’s Buy Shipping on Seller Central or through an authorized 3rd Party app, Amazon will only allow you to buy labels AMSS estimates will guarantee the customer receives their item on time.

Secondly, adjust your Prime regions in your Shipping Settings for Zones 1 and 2. You may also want to pull a [FedEx Ground Service Map|] and match it to a [USPS Dynamic Zone Map|] for your shipping zip code(s). See attachments for an example.

I am able to assume that FedEx and UPS have similar ground options. Since I know that I can guarantee 2 day delivery via FedEx for USPS Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4, I adjust my Prime Regions to include only those regions.

Play around with it and you will find that SFP is a great asset.


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I also had the same Monday Shipping Fee Shock couple months ago.

What you need to do is select the states that you can ship within 2-3 days (under Prime shipping setting) and try to ship as many Prime you can after 11AM and before the closing of the post office on the same day.

However from the night to next day 11AM on the following day then you may need to use 2nd shipping on some of the Primes. It is a hit and miss thing but with the planning you actually can bringing more sales without sacrificing too much of the profit.

After couple weeks, you can add more states or remove the states depending how often you need to use US Express Priority or FedEx 2nd day.


Thanks for your quick response! :slight_smile: I know it does seem difficult for majority of sellers. I wonder why Amazon created this program in the first place knowing most sellers are not affiliated with shipping companies who can provide a better rate except for Amazon FBA themselves!


Exactly! Real bummer :confused: I don’t have a FedEx account hence I only rely on USPS and UPS. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Smart! The thing is most of my customers are located in the East Coast so I didn’t limit it only to my state. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you!


Amazon did this because of the high demand for it from their larger sellers. Amazon makes millions in fees a week from these large sellers and do not want them to take their business elsewhere so Amazon created this offering and allowed anyone to take advantage of it. Not every service Amazon offers is a benefit to all. They offer repricers, inventory feeds and APIs for sellers to link their supply chain across multiple sale channels – of which many but not all sellers find one or more of these beneficial.

It is on us businesses to determine what would help us and what will not. Amazon is just broadening their services to ensure they attract and retain sellers the best they can.


amazon just half does things as they didn’t provide business within their own system to make it work.

amazon “buy shipping” only
no fedex integration.
no true usps integration.


you are still paying higher shipping rates than you competition except for ups shipping.


depends if your doing it regional or all of the states. regional you can’t expect to price higher and still have sales to states you don’t offer prime too.


Thanks, that is very helpful.


Has anyone noticed an increase in buy-box percentage since converting certain skus to SFP?


you can use ground, if it is within the 2 day window.


Just so I understand correctly, regardless if the package would be delivered next day via ground service (UPS or FedEx) within the state it has been shipped, Amazon still requires you to ship it via 2 day (air) service? Can seller’s UPS imported account in the Amazon shipping options be used instead?


Hello. That sounds like a great option–but can you set up the MPrime that way?


Hey Robert I think that’s an incredible idea! Thank you. :slight_smile:


No. You can use whatever options are available on the Buy Shipping services since Amazon has already filtered out the options. At the bottom of the shipping options page, there is a note that reads.

>Shipping methods that do not meet the Promised Delivery Date are not returned.

The first attached picture is of a 2 Day Guaranteed order. As you can see, it lists everything but the FedEx and UPS Ground options. The second picture lists everything including the ground options because it is within the 2 Day ground regions for both UPS and FedEx.