Seller app login Error Problem


“Unable to Sign In” I am anticipating new “improvements”, they indulge us.


HI, just manage to sing in, the problem is solved now


Delete the app and reinstall. Worked for me


I had a problem with the seller app last night. It made me sign in every few minutes. Restarting my phone seems to have fixed the problem.


Had the same problem now now its working fine… It was that B**** CAROLE BASKIN!




Didn’t work last night but up and running today.


I think they just fixed it in the last hour or so


No problem here. Been using my app all day.


Not so much trouble logging in but the app kicks me out after a few minutes of use then I need to re-login.


Me too. Just app problems with errors since last night. Gave up on it and just using computer now to log on. Was just showing all countries list with flags.


Mine did it last night. rebooted my phone and it let me log back in no problem.


Just think, a month ago we never even heard of her. LOL


I have been having trouble clicking on the sign in page which for me is the one with the woman selling pots and pans which most of you don’t have. I did kind of get around it by clicking on a link from a SSN email. I am also having trouble getting to my manage orders page. I get zip when I click on it. I have to go to the main seller central page and click on the unshipped number which takes me to where I need to go.

What a pain. I wonder what weird stuff they are trying to implement now?


I am unable to upload any new books to sell on my Seller Account. When I go to add a product
and start adding vital information and get to the bottom of page, it won’t let me save it .
Maybe I am doing something wrong. I am currently selling but it won’t let add a new book to sell. And of course you are not able to call anyone. Please help me. Victoria


Work around that worked for us.

Delete app.

Wait some time. In our case 2 hours.

Recreate app and work on sign on again.

Note first time we did this we deleted and added app too closely in time and error continued. Gap as probably 15 minutes when it did not work.

Hope his helps.


I was wondering what was going on. Thanks for posting this. I was not alone on this.


For the add a product, all the information needed for books is a price, condition, and if you are selling merchant, a quantity. Only fill out those fields and see if it will let you proceed with your books.


amigos , estoy iniciando en la plataforma…consulta, que autenticador utilizan en sus moviles? , ingreso autenticador y no puedo iniciar sesion, gracias

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