Private Label and packaging?


I am super new to private label and was hoping someone could help me better understand the private labeling and packaging process. I got my logo designed already, and I found a manufacturer on Alibaba that I want to use.

  1. My question now is, what about product packaging and labels? If I have the manufacturer do it, it will cost me over $1,000 because the MOQ for putting my logo on the products or using customized packaging is 1000 units usually. I don’t have that kind of money right now. I have read about people using to create labels and packaging designs for real cheap. If I do it that way, do I have the manufacturer print it onto the OEM boxes or do I print them out myself?
  2. What is the difference between the label and the packaging?
  3. If I don’t have much money to start, what are the best things I can do without spending a ton of money? I mean, do I have to spend thousands just to get my product labeled and packaged or is there a cheaper way to go about this for my first shipment?

I just need some guidance to help clear all of this up for me. Thank your all of your advice!

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There are several ways you can go, but this is what I would do if I were in your shoes. I do this will all new products. For your first shipment, I would package and label myself. You can find some decent designers on Fiverr and there are more packaging sellers out there than you can imagine. Without knowing what you are going to sell, it is hard to tell you where to go but if you google the type of box size and material that you are looking for I’m sure you will find some. There are some that let you buy in smaller quantities at first also. For labels, I use for all of my first run products. If they sell well, then you can move on to a label printing company but nice labels are not cheap. If you buy labels from that website, they have templates for each one that you can send to your designer. Just make sure that you have a good quality printer.


Does packaging really matter when you are first starting out? Or can you just use the generic packaging from the supplier on Alibaba?


Think as a customer. If you’re trying to build a brand, customers want to see professional packaging. If they are paying “good money” for a product, they don’t want it to look like a generic chinese made product.


I agree with SellersToolbox. If you are taking the time to private label a product, you should take the time to create nice packaging. There are so many great box, tube and bag companies out there with really nice products that you can develop very nice packaging on your own.


Okay, good to know thanks for the honest feedback on that. Based on your experience, any specific companies you recommend for good and affordable packaging and labels?

I really appreciate all help and advice, thanks for taking the time!


We aren’t in the Private Label space, so no recommendations.


Without know what type of packaging you need it is hard to say. But, Visipak has nice tubes and boxes. Nashville Wraps also has great packaging. You can even get some at places like Uline. Flambeau has a packaging division also.

I would get trial labels from OnlineLabels until you know what works for you then have a professional printer like Maverick Labels print a large batch.

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