Mein Kampf no longer allowed on Amazon


That’s a great example of the classical definition of tolerance. While you disagree with the substance of the work, you _tolerate_its existence based on the higher principle of freedom of expression.


I had the unedited version of the book for sale. I don’t agree with the content but it does serve as a educational and historical reference.

I originally purchased the book to read for educational purposes and not because I agree with the content or wish to be influenced by it. Since Amazon has banned the book, it might become more of a rare collectible. There are copies on Abebooks available.


How about some contemporary references, there are hundreds (if not thousands) more.

  • Mein Kampf is Jared Loughner’s favorite book.
  • A copy was found in Italy’s Luca Traini’s house
  • Richard Holzer had a copy with him when he was arrested for buying pipe bombs from the FBI which he was going to use to blow up a Temple in CO.
  • The New Zealand Mosque shooter who killed 40+ referenced the book

In a sense it will be impossible to forget hate and intolerance as long as this book is mainstreamed as it has been and will continue to act as a catalyst in so many of today’s atrocities around the world.


Happened to me too , today — Luckily, it was inactive , since the book sold over a year ago, but, the bots tagged it anyway


freedom of speech includes speech that most people including I don’t like. censorship is what leads to dangerous people like Hitler


I got an e-mail yesterday about this, from, with a statement that my book was no longer allowed, and gave the ASIN that was deleted.
It was odd, because obviously, I’ve never sold a kindle version of anything; also, the only copy of Mein Kampf that I’ve listed in the last year or so was on a listing that not only was still active, but on which AMAZON was selling.

Today I got the policy warning, which gave a different ASIN (also now a dog-page), and the sku of my product. Since I sold the only copy I had last June, it’s not a big deal from that standpoint; I just deleted the listing (old enough I should have deleted it anyway; I need to do a little cleaning). But the whole accusatory tone seems weird when I was listing on the same page where Amazon was (until a few hours ago) selling the book. The whole “You need to review what is allowed” thing is absurd; the link provided tells us nothing.

I’m of mixed feelings about them banning this book. But what I’d really like to see them ban are the books that are really hurting people, like “Stop seeing your doctor and cure your cancer the NATURAL way”.


Seriously?! I can not believe you just compared the two! But, I’m sure there’s a lot of people that wished Hitler received some of the justice given out in that movie!


The more books Amazon pushes off their site, the more true independent booksellers will thrive. Somebody said that Amazon is pushing all older editions off their site. Some out there (in the real world) say “Yeah!”. Eventually it will be down to shifty sellers and shifty buyers. As far as I can see, Amazon is optimizing their system for this future. These books aren’t outlawed in the US, just on Amazon. Sell multi-channel and thrive.


I bought my copy brand new from Amazon. The unabridged, unedited illustrated coffee table edition. :grinning:


Not prepared to view this as censorship, although I do agree that this book should be read by anyone who wishes to study the history of the period, and I suspect it’s read in the main by those wanting to drink their full of the toxic propaganda contained therein. Nor is this a case of a company telling us “what we can and can’t read.”

For years, we’ve heard the sandbox litany: This is Amazon’s site and they can determine what is sold. Your Coach bags, e.g., may be authentic, but unless Amazon says you may sell them here, you may not.

I don’t think it’s necessary to remove this book, but that is Amazon’s right. And it is a form of expressed disapproval I find fortunate in a time of ever escalating acts of violence against certain communities. Anyone who wants to read this book can easily, cheaply, and quickly find it.

This is a marketplace, not a branch of government. This is a commercial decision. Our constitutional freedoms are not at issue here. We are not thereby dooming ourselves to a repetition of history or hurtling toward the dystopia of Fahrenheit 451.

I always found it somewhat profound that of all of the statesman active at the time of the Munich agreement in 1938, the single greatest opponent of Appeasement, Sir Winston Churchill, was the ONLY one to have read Mein Kampf.

And re the mention of Catherine the Great upthread, it was she who created the Settlement of the Russian Pale.


Silly. Those that want it will get it. Despite the apparent zeitgeist , The River is not the only place in the world to get books. And it is equally far from the only place to sell books.

The vast majority of our sales are face to face. We buy Mein Kampf when we see it, and the vast majority of our customers who buy Mein Kampf are curious history buffs who want to understand the thoughts of one of history’s most destructive individuals. Most find them confused and incomprehensible.

We do avoid virulently anti-semetic stuff and certain other obnoxious political propaganda, if for no other reason than because it doesn’t sell very well and when it does sell, the customers are too often unpleasant and eager to engage.

We have the best customers imaginable and are blessed to be largely able to avoid much interaction with nasty people. We don’t need to encourage them to frequent our shop.


I just got the same word-for-word emails yesterday.I bought the book at an library…


We have suffered notifications on books we sold five or six years ago and got tagged with a six-month restricted products violation. I disagree with the policy but I don’t agree that it is censorship or book-banning. Amazon simply doesn’t want their platform to host these works. That is their choice. You can buy these books elsewhere.


If you even type those 2 words in a comment or post on Facebook, you get an instant 30 day ban.


Maybe it is considered propaganda book promoting nazism like wearing swastikas that originally were never meant to be offensive. If you really need to learn those things go to the libraries. When you look what is happening in Eastern Europe you won’t like it one bit. Nazi are on a rise today. It is not just past: allies didn’t finish the job in 1945.


I don’t know, but I find it ironic, how nazis made books disappeared, because they disapproved those books’ message, and now Amazon does the same to books (and other products) they don’t like. lol XD

The thing that even makes less sense is, that back in the days it was ok to sell rebel patches to bikers, so I stuck up and spent like a $1000 on rebel designed products, and when I got them, and listed them, Amazon and eBay are suddenly blocked all rebel patches. So my Hispanic and African American biker customers are not allowed to be rebels anymore. That’s also a huge irony right there. :slight_smile: (The bad thing is, that I spent all that money as a tiny seller, it was a HUGE investment and Amazon/eBay just pretty much burned my money with their prohibition.)


Not good for Amazon.

Amazon is censoring history.

Bad for business and this will get anti-trust attention too.


Regardless of who first said ““To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” This whole thread proves it is true.


And why would “Nazis” be on the rise today? What would cause that?


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