How to Get Category Listing Report


Hi All,

How can we get category listing report?Just to check whether our products in the right category or not,it would be helpful for future sales.
Awaiting for reply.


There is no visible category listing report in Seller Central. However, you can get a category listings report by contacting Seller Support (link at the bottom of this page). You will want to ask to speak to the feeds department. Ask them to unlock the category listings report. He will tell you its done, and if you refresh your [Inventory Reports|] page, the category listings report will be added to the drop down of choices.

And a new drop-down will appear, select the category and export.


I did this a week ago as an e-mail case and the case was marked as Transferred and closed. I re-opened it because I still haven’t heard from anyone and a Performance Manager sent me an e-mail requesting more details. I explained in an e-mail response that I wanted the Category Listing Report available for our account but it still hasn’t appeared as an option and there’s been no word from the Performance Manager yet (though the e-mails only happened yesterday). Should I try calling instead?


I have always called to get the report and added while on the call. It has been a few months since I did this but have had no issues for a few years doing it that way.

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