What percentage of customers usually leave feedback?


New seller here. Been getting decent sales, but not much customer feedback. I’ve only been up for a few weeks so maybe it takes more time than “the other site”? Do most customers leave feedback or do they not?


Typically, about 10-20% of Amazon buyers leave feedback. There’s really no reason for them to do so.


Less than 10% based on my experience


It usually is slow to start then when they do start coming in they can run
around 18% or so.
Then, they begin to decline and eventually settle in around 8-10%.
The 10% rule is a good benchmark to use, for simplicity sake.


Buyers likely leave feedback either when they are very happy or not happy. Some things you can do to improve your chances of positive feedback:

  1. Ship and confirm quickly
  2. Package securely so your item is protected from damage during shipping, also use professional looking packaging.
  3. Use online postage with tracking when you confirm your orders. Amazon provides a very good postage service at reasonable cost of 7 cent service charge plus it’s only 19 cents or free for tracking.
  4. Take a few moments to clean your items before packaging.
  5. Grade conservatively according to Amazon condition guidelines. Buyers will often leave feedback when their items are better than expected.


Ive been here over a year and have 67 feedbacks. I am small but I don’t get anywhere near even 10% feedback.

I don’t worry so much about it but it’s nice to receive just for the sake of those buyers who it matters in their buying behavior.

I fulfull most of my own orders. I have a few things thru FBA still. I highlight the sentence on the packing slip neatly about how to leave feedback for seller. I write a short and sweet but personalized “thank you”.

I was surprised to see several people mentioning the “thank you”. I guess a certain customer group still likes “polite”. lol

I would not worry or obsess. It will come. Artisan gave you some excellent “bullets” to avoid the “bad” feedback and get the “happy” sort.



We’re getting about 10% in Books and CDs and 5-8% in other categories. 95% of our items are FBA.


Only about 5% of customers who are happy will leave you positive feedback.
100% of customers who are not happy will leave you negative feedback.

Anne K.


I don’t think the fb reminders are getting sent by Amazon. I’ve placed about 30 3p orders over the last 2 and a half months (both fba and merchant fulfilled), and received a total on one fb reminder (last week) on those orders.


in DVDs I get 5-8% feedback

I have used feedback services such as feedbackfive in the past and received a much higher percentage, but received a higher number if irritated customers leaving neutral and sometimes even negative remarks, one negative that simply said “you want feedback, here it is”

Amazon sends feedback reminders, which at the time I was unaware of. although most users do not leave feedback, as long as you’re selling quality items and shipping promptly you should receive a good amount of positive remarks. for users who do not leave feedback, its best to leave them be.


in a good month you may get 10% feedback.

General rule is don’t pester the customer for feedback as you may not like the feedback they decide to leave.


I’m wondering when my “good month” begins - not only in feedback but orders. LOL


To those of you getting 15-20% feedback please let the rest of us know what you are doing. Do you request feedback by email? Request it in a product paper slip? or do you just let it go through its normal course with amazon.com asking for the occasional feedback?
those numbers even the 10% number seems very high. Anyone else feel that way?

also with regards to feedbackfive when calling amazon directly to ask them about the service they said no. Any other service that does the same basic services?


Some of us have disabled the nags, and get upset when sellers send them (since you can’t disable that.)

My FB level varies with what I’ve sold. I get far more on DVDs and videotapes than on books, and have only ever gotten one on the higher-end electronics stuff (i.e. laptops, netbooks.)


I Jut took my yearly feedback total number of entries and divided it by the number of orders my new “Seller Rating” screen is showing for a year and I received feedback on 8.001% of my orders.


Yes it’s close to 10% for me as well


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It is very tough to get feedback on Amazon. I wonder if the same percentage applies to items Amazon sells directly. On the Ebay side of things a very high percentage of orders ger feedback. It is sort of the nature of things over there that goes way back. I prefer feedback because it really helps sales.


About 3% for me. So sad. Maybe it’s harder to get feedback on book sales. I used to do much, much better percentage wise.