Selling Handcrafted Furniture on Amazon


I would like to know if a woodworker can add his or her own items to amazon or are furniture items allowed only by major manufacturers ?

If you are allowed to sell handcrafted furniture is there a special code or way to get it listed ?


Actually, I believe you can. I couldn’t find anything in the Restricted/Prohibited product listing about furniture, handmade or otherwise. In order to add to Amazon’s catalog, you would have to have a Pro account, which will cost you $39.99 a month.

If you register as part of the Small Brand Registry, you can likely avoid having to purchase UPC codes for all of your products.

You will need to have high-quality professional photos of your furniture taken. Though you may want to show a ‘staging’ photo of a chair sitting in a living room, you will have to show a photo of the chair, by itself, on a solid white background as the main image. Amazon has a detailed list of the photo guidelines that need to be met for all listings. In order to avoid listing violations, they all need to be followed. (Your products will also sell much better if you have nice, clear, high-res professional photos.

Make sure that you know exactly what every item will weigh when shipped and how much that will cost you. You cannot adjust this after the sale at all. If your shipping weight isn’t properly calculated, you could lose your entire profit on shipping costs.

If your products have any variations (like wood finishes or upholstery colors), you will have to list them with Parent-Child variations. I would not list anything at all that you do not have made and ready to ship.

Before you jump into this, you might want to test the waters a bit first. See if you have some books in good condition you’d like to get rid of, and try listing those first to see how the system here works. It is nothing like eBay or Etsy. Baby steps work best around here.


No, you can not sell hand crafted furniture on Amazon. You can sell hand crafted furniture on eBay and on etsy.

Hope this helps.


You’ve gotten some good info from Insomniac Arts

Just want to point out that there are some others to consider.

  1. You are likely to have to have finished goods in inventory. Long lead times for custom building are not compatible with this venue.

  2. You will need to be able to specify your shipping rates, which means you will need a selling professionally account with a monthly charge of $39.99. You will also need a good knowledge of shipping methods.

  3. You will need a distinctive and intuitive title for your furniture so it doesn’t in thousands of listings for chairs.

Good luck


You can do well on Amazon selling hand crafted items - there are many who sell handcrafted furniture as well as many other items here.

We have long lead times on some of our items - and it does not seem to hurt us… Take good pictures, do good descriptions, and take really really good care of your customers…

Whatever lead time you set, either make it or exceed it.

We have been on Amazon since 2003 - actively selling since June, 2004 and I will say that we are very happy -

You just have to start thinking of your work in the context of “lines” and “catalog”… and you will do well… I have always thought that amazon is a great venue for individual artist/craftspeople/designers… and while I sell on etsy as well, we sell MUCH better on amazon than any other venue… it is the “go to” shopping place for folks that buy online… when you have a truly unique item, and you list it well, you CAN get seen and you CAN build a customer base over a period of time…

edited to add, you may not need UPC codes… if your items are unique and you are the only one selling them… I have been designing, making and selling my work since 1972… and still do all the work - :slight_smile:

good luck!

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We sell handcrafted items every day (dulcimers, ukuleles, and other musical instruments).

Handcrafted isn’t an issue (the word is kind of meaningless, anway).

You’ll probably want (need?) UPC codes, and stock your furniture (have it on hand, ready to ship) just like a lot of sellers do with books and CDs.



Hey there KaraokeCdgs,

Like many of the sellers have mentioned, you will most likely want to have the products in stock so they are ready to ship shortly after they are ordered. It is possible, with a professional account, to set lead times of up to 30 days. To set up both your lead times and shipping costs you can follow our [Shipping Rates & Settings|] help page.

We also recommend you sign up for [Amazon Brand Registry|] so that you have more control over your listings and it is easier for you to list your products.

Your fellow sellers have given you great suggestions on how to research this so that you hit the ground running when you start listing your products.

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