Does Amazon actually DESTROY items when they say they do?


When doing a removal order, does Amazon actually destroy the items I want disposed of instead of being returned to me? I discontinued a product because it no longer represented the current version of my product; and I did not want customers buying the older, unimproved version of the product. Since there were over 1700 units, I did not want to pay the small fortune in having them returned to me; so I set them to be disposed of.

Now it looks as if Amazon sold them to a liquidator, who is selling the product I manufacture and distribute exclusively, using my copy, my images, etc.

When I wrote to Seller Central they something along the lines of “Oh no…Amazon destroys products from removal orders. To sell them would be fraudulent.”

I’m just not smelling what they are cooking…cuz it sure looks like they sold my dispose of items to a liquidator. Anybody have any thoughts on this?


You are correct in that this is actually what they do with these items if they can.


The fact that they are not destroyed has been common knowledge.

Only action you might get Amazon to take on your behalf is to turn on the there is a later version of this product message on the detail page.

You could also discontinue warranty service of the old product.


No. They do not destroy. They will add it to their liquidated inventory. Amazon will either include it in their inventory liquidation sales, and sometimes – rarely – simply throw it away. If they can make money selling it themselves, they will under the ‘Amazon Warehouse Deals’ seller name.

Amazon’s policy about disposal is clear. You surrender your rights to these units when you choose this method to get rid of FBA inventory. Seller Support gave you incorrect and inaccurate information.

Regarding your note about using your ‘Images, etc.’. The product page you created to list the item becomes a permanent addition to Amazon’s catalog and content is theirs to use – this is stated in the participation agreement.

We never dispose of inventory – we pay a little extra and have it returned to control our inventory and exclusivity of our products.


Disposed means gotten rid of by any means, including selling, donation or destruction. Once you gave up your rights to the property it’s no longer your concern.


No, they don’t “dispose” of anything they think that can make $ on–they either get liquidated or sold via Warehouse Deals.

You were lied to if they told you they actually destroy products.


Dispose and destroy are different words with different meanings.

If you throw a plastic jar in the trash, you have disposed of it.

If Waste Management picks up your trash, they’ll sort through
it for recyclables, and sell what they can sell.

One man’s trash is another man’s living.


Does Amazon actually DESTROY items when they say they do?

Amazon doesn’t say they will destroy them. They say they will dispose of them. There’s a difference, even if it was lost on you. Hard lesson learned. You contracted them to dispose of your inventory and they did.



  1. +get rid of by throwing away or giving or selling to someone else.+

“whose responsibility is it to dispose of scrap materials?”

synonyms: throw away/out, get rid of, discard, jettison, scrap, junk; informal - dump, ditch, chuck, trash, deep-six

“the waste was disposed of”

part with, give away, hand over, deliver up, transfer;
sell, auction.

“he had disposed of all his assets”


I spoke with a liquidator and they told me they only sell items that people abandon(pay amazon a fee to dispose of) or that amazon loses and later finds.

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