Amazon Search Not Working? $10M product sales cut in half!


My worse selling is appearing ahead of the best selling. Sorry, got those 2 mixed up. Been a long day…


Ah okay so we have the same situation I guess :frowning:


Your items are variations under a parent? Or just different models?


Variations under one parent


Any updates?


Business Reports page and Managed Orders page not updating the past 5 hours… fyi


Mine has been updating. I’m fbm though.


No updates. Don’t worry, I’ll let you guys know as soon as I get a response. Trust me I’m only check every other minute.


Executive seller relations said again that it has been fixed. I’m going to ask them to look again because a lot of sellers on the forums are still having issues and search results don’t look right. My sales have improved nearly back to regular levels but search results for my main keywords still aren’t right.


Still waiting on my end for response from exec team member and @seamod.

Search results are still locked in 30th place.


Ignor the keyboard warriors, good luck in sorting that out though that really sucks…


Well they’re definitely trying to fix something. My supplements which are sold under the same brand name are now popping up in the #1 spot when you search specifically for my top-selling ASIN which is affected (fitness equipment). :joy:

Keyword tracking software did show our best seller go back to #1 for a branded search term but it’s back to being last again. Promising but we’re losing time / money on this…


What program do you use to see this chart? Thank you


How about your all keywords? Are they still locked at 30+ ?
Did ESR tell you the fix may delay or how long will it take to adapt?
All of my SKU, kw still locked 30+

Can you share the way/template of how to connect with ESR please? Because I created too many cases and SS really useless, they always response with the template and not investigate anything

Thank you!


I don’t really have a template as I’ve sent a bunch of different emails.

My email that got picked up had subject line was “Amazon Search issue. You might want to take a look at this…”. I just explained the search issue and how it was affecting a lot of sellers.

Hi Jeff,

The forums are currently reporting a glitch that is ranking top selling products in the 30-40th search spot, no matter what keyword they search, even an exact product title match.

Our ASIN XXXXX which was a top selling product in our category is now seemingly locked into the 30th spot for ALL KEYWORDS, please investigate.


Scratch that. It went back.


It can be fidgety. I am seeing some searches pull correct ranking and then automatically revert back to broken search result if I search again. But most searches result in broken ranking.


Yeah – seeing the same – periodically restoring and then going back again.


Anyone notice it’s going crazy in the past few hours?

My ranking for my best KW is jumping all over the place. Every refresh in 10 minute intervals will place it somewhere else lol

2 - 22 - 12 - 2nd page - gone - 38th

Stay on 2 please :smile:


What program do you use to see this chart? Thank you