When did Prime 2 day shipping begin promising to arrive in 7 days?


No really true and I have confirmed this through multiple contacts with Amazon when they failed to ship a few thousand dollars in Hurricane supplies. From the Prime page

“If the item you’re ordering is out of stock or unavailable to ship immediately, the shipping method time starts when the item ships. For example, it will take two business days after an item ships to reach you with Two-Day Shipping.”

The Amazon manager agreed that if the item is in stock that means they will deliver within two days. Every time they have failed to do this they extended my Prime membership 1 month with a simple phone call.


OK, it looks like I’m out-voted. I admit defeat - Prime 2-day shipping actually means 2-day delivery… except when it means 3-5 day delivery. :rainbow:


I was given a $5 refund when I asked customer service why I purchased an item with Prime that was stated to be in stock and the promised delivery date I was forced to agree to was 7 days later. "Forced, because I wanted the item and they were the only seller. Had there been a 3p MF seller, I would have used them and probably gotten the item sooner.

I would never have paid for a Prime membership if all it meant was that once it eventually shipped, it would arrive 2 business days after that. No, it clearly explained that delivery would be 2 days later. Not shipment, delivery. I get the difference and paid membership for that difference.


I’ve seen even Prime offers at 5 days shipping. This sometimes means that the item is hazardous, or really heavy. It’s hard to arrange for 1-2 day shipping if you are shipping something like a grand piano.


The things I’ve been buying that I am getting promises of delivery 7 days out are stated to be in stock and would go in a standard bubble envelope by First class mail. And if there were 3p MF sellers, I would most likely get the item quicker through them even if they were at the opposite coast.


When trying to figure out actual Prime shipping item arrival times these days you have to look at each listing and see what the guarantee is. Depending on the time of day and actual stock available items will either have “Want it by date? Order with in XX amount of time and choose two-day shipping.” Listings that says that guarantee will actually arrive in by that date. If there is no guarantee sentence and it just says “Free Two-Day Shipping” or “Prime 4-5 Days” then the item will not actually arrive in two days. Free two day shipping items mean the item is out of stock and will ship via a 2 day shipping option once Amazon gets it in stock and is available to ship it. Prime 4-5 days is when an item is in stock however takes an extended time to fulfill (Small & Light program items usually have this banner which is why you are seeing it more commonly as the program becomes more popular).

Amazon is trying to offer more items under the prime badge while still saving money on parcel shipping and not actually shipping everything for delivery within 2 days of your order.


Over 100 million items that arrive two business days after they ship

Many of you here are missing the “after they ship” part. It is not and never has been a 2 day delivery guaranty, although most items do arrive within 2 days, 1 day or same day.

So Redwing is correct.

This is a common misconception that I have seen since prime was introduced all those years ago.


Amazon can’t afford to hire more packing slaves at low wages to get your package mailed out same day. Just give them all your money and be quiet :slight_smile:


Bold added. @Bad_Brittnie funny statement, yet with the loss of first class, I am missing the burn. The incentive was to get it out early, since we could use first class. Now I may as well batch up the Wed-Sat packages and send them Saturday, what’s the rush?

To the OP, the key to AZ FBA Prime 2day is distributed warehousing. Something we don’t have, so we do SFP and set our ship distance and days of the week we offer “Prime” shipping. It is not 2 day delivery (though we often make it) and never has been.

When we order on Friday afternoon, items that are Amazon Prime they arrive Sunday. We are in a region that offers that. Typically small items. If I order larger items like mailing boxes, they come in 4-5 days. They are in a warehouse not in our region and the bundle is to large and heavy to send. I know the delivery day when I place the orders it is always on the catalog page.


No. I’m not missing anything.

Redwing said the guarantee was that Amazon ships within 2 days. That is completely different from what you are saying.

The only Prime delivery “guarantee” is what it says on each specific catalog page (and during checkout). That’s it. For most items, it will show guaranteed delivery within 2 business days of today. Not all. But most.


I will ship it UPS Blue

oO( I won’t ship it till 3 days from now)


I just opened 10 more Prime listings at random. Many showed guaranteed delivery by Monday using standard 2-day prime. The latest was Wednesday. (I am doing this Saturday afternoon. Delivery by Monday is impressive.)


I just got a shipping notification for two orders I placed. I ordered them via Prime on Monday. The items were in stock. They didn’t ship until 5 days later. Ordered Monday - won’t arrive until the next Monday. How is that “Prime”? Any MF seller would most certainly have gotten the item to me several days sooner even if from the opposite coast.

I see no excuse for this. I paid a membership fee for faster shipping, not slower shipping. Whether you talk about shipping or delivery, 7 days later for Prime is nonsense.

As an SFP seller, I would have been required to ship same day if ordered before cut-off or ship next day if after cut-off. They shipped 5 days later with an in-stock item. This isn’t right.


Actually, it is what I am saying. Amazon promises 2-day shipping for Prime orders. I don’t know how it can be any more plain. Often they ship it faster, but they commit to ship it within two days.

Yes, they give a delivery date on the shipping page, but that is not the same thing as the 2-day Prime shipping promise. That is why the delivery date is often 3-5 days from when you order, not 2 days.


Not the same.

You are saying:
Amazon guarantees that they ship within 2 days of the order.

emanon is saying:
Amazon guarantees delivery within 2 days after they ship.

Not the same at all. Not even close.

I don’t know why it is difficult to accept that there is no general “Prime guarantee”. There is only what is shown on the catalog page and during checkout. That is the only guarantee.


There is no “2-day Prime shipping promise.” There is only what is shown on the catalog page and during checkout. There are ads that say “2-day shipping on one hundred million items”. But you have to look at the item page to see if that particular item is one of the hundred million.

I can’t believe we are going back over this again.


Again. This is the closest thing I have found to a “2-day prime shipping promise”. It clearly says the item will arrive within 2 business days after shipping. Not that it will ship within 2 days of the order being placed.


I agree with you… All my recent orders are being shipped by UPS, all of them have departed the FBA facilities and the delivery dates haven’t been adjusted to reflect 2 days shipping after processing.

Seems amazon is basically adding a week to many items which are expected to be sent via UPS and getting the perk of saying, well we said it will be there on this date. So, Prime **** SHIPPING *** is borked.


amazon now has a beta SFP program for handmade sellers. We can ship the next day and the package must arrive within 3-4 days.

The days of a prime badge meaning arrives in two days are over. As someone else said, buyers need to read the date on each individual listing.


Fabulous Question!!! 2 of my best selling products (small and light FBA program) have not been a 2 day guarantee and my sales are proving it!!! Down 54% from last month alone. Why does it take 7 days to pick, pack and ship a 3.2 oz item?I am a Prime customer myself and my tab this year was $119… If there are increasing products that will not be offered the coveted 2 day guarantee that Amazon promises all FBA sellers should be aware! Eventually your products may be affected! I may NOT be a prime customer for long and I would be willing to bet I am not alone!
If I FBM this product, I can fulfill it in less than 10 minutes and be at my post office within 30 min. in the slow lane! How much is my Prime Membership worth really? Seems like less than last year… A customer actually cancelled an order and brought it to my attention. Embarassing. Looks like FBA won’t be helping me out the week before Christmas… I REALLY hope I’m alone here, but does anyone have answers?