What if -- you ship priority and don't use the USPS box?


In AMZ’s shipping it states “must use USPS priority mail box”? What happens if you don’t because using those boxes cost more than putting it in a regular box and slapping a Priority mail label on it.


When it says “Must use…” it’s referring to the flat rate boxes. For example, “must use small priority mail flat rate box”.

It’s often cheaper not to use the flat rate boxes, depending on where the package is going, and weight. In that case, you can use your own box, or use a Priority mail box which does not say flat rate.

Some post offices will let you use a flat rate box with non-flat rate postage, but they’re not supposed to, so you should try to avoid that.


>>How do you figure it costs more using USPS priority boxes?

The OP is referring to flat rate boxes. It can cost more to use the flat rate boxes.

Or, if I misunderstood the OP, then nevermind.


If your PO is making you pay more on the USPS non-flate rate priority boxes, some clerk there is pockecting your money…


More? Less? ??

IF you printed a label that was for, and says, “Flat Rate” on it you are to use the corresponding USPS packaging type. Not put it in your own packaging.

Label says “Small Flat Rate box” - use the USPS small flat rate box
Label says “Flat Rate Envelope” - use the USPS envelope and NOT your own packaging.

If you want to use your own packaging you do not select any of the ‘Flat Rate’ types …

This is just my take on the question …


You can use any box, a priority mail box, or a brown box. It just cant have anything written on the outside, like express or something like that. As long as its a plain brown box, it will work.


How do you figure it costs more using USPS priority boxes? The boxes are free at the PO (or free online). The priority postage is the same no matter which box you use (unless you’re using priority flat rate boxes for items that should go in a non-flat rate box due to weight).


If you use the USPS priority mail boxes it cost more. For example, look at the listing of shipping costs…Priority mail boxes are costly, maybe because you’re using the USPS box?


Are you referring to the picture of the brown box at the top of this shipping choices?

That’s the picture of a non-flat rate box. It does not have to be your own brown box. It can be a USPS Priority Mail Shipping box.

What it can’t be is a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping box.


At least the question is not:

Can I turn the priority box inside-out so I can ship the book media mail?


+If you use the USPS priority mail boxes it cost more. For example, look at the listing of shipping costs…Priority mail boxes are costly, maybe because you’re using the USPS box?+

Priority Boxes are Free. No additional cost to ship.

The Post Office has about 50 different Priority Boxes. The ones you find at the Post Office are usually Flat Rate boxes because those can be more than the standard Priority Mail boxes.

Shipping a standard Priority Mail box is the same price as a brown box with a sticker on it… except you don’t have to buy the Priority Mail box.

A Flat Rate Priority Mail box has a flat shipping cost. It can be as light as you want it to be, and shipping cost would be the same. Often times it can be more expensive to use the Flat Rate Priority box than the standard Priority Mail box.

There are Priority boxes for military addresses, for flat rate, regional, and standard… all free. Depending on where your package is going, and the weight, the free box can actually save you money, the wrong box can cost you money.

I haven’t ordered boxes from the post office in a while, but when I did, it was just a matter of going to the website and letting the post office know which ones you want. Get a nice mix so you will have the right box for the right order.


What do you ship?


Everyone is misunderstanding my comment & question.

I have a product, a Camera. I went to choose the shipping rate and there were two. Priority mail was $7, and “small box USPS” mail was $5. The message next to the small box USPS priority mail said I had to use the labeled box.

My question is, will the post office penalize me if I choose the lesser amount $5 for the USPS priority box if it’s not in a labeled box?

Does that make sense?


And also, if you underpay the postage owed/needed and it is caught the buyer will be responsible which generates some emails, anger, and feedback issues.


You’re right. Everyone misunderstood your question.

The answer is yes. If you use your own box you have to pay the $7.

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I understood it correctly … If you choose that label and don’t use the accompanying box type then you are in effect lying on the postage purchased.

It goes to that specific box and not whichever box you want to put it in because it wont fit in the small.

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