USPS tracking stuck at "Electronic Shipping Info Received"


I recently shipped out an item this past Monday, and before shipping the item I went through all my standard safety protocols. I double checked the address on the package, purchased insurance and signature service, and took a photo of the item/box before and after packaging. This package was one of 4 that went out on the same day. (We’ll just call it package A.)

Now here comes the problem. On Package A, the tracking information on USPS still shows “Electronic Shipping Info Received” with no updates at the sorting facility or anything. However, the other three have either been delivered or are located in their local sorting facilities. I asked the lady who picked up my package why the tracking is stuck, and she gave me a firm answer stating that they had an issue scanning that box. But not to worry, because the package will arrive as scheduled.

I’ve been selling for a while and this is the first time I’ve ever encountered something like this. The reason why I ask is that it opens a whole can of worms of other problems. Without proof of receiving the box, USPS can deny an insurance claim. And without any kind of information showing up, the buyer could also claim that they never received it. So my question is this. Has anyone else ever had a similar issue in the past? It’s killing me to think that this order could go deep down the wrong rabbit-hole any day now.


Did you insure the other items you sent at the same time?

My thinking is that they scanned the insurance bar code, but not the delivery confirmation barcode. You can’t track
that barcode—only the post office can. You might ask the post office to track the insurance barcode.

Good luck! I hope that this transaction ends up getting there just fine.


I appreciate the response. I insured one other package, but the rest were low enough in value to be shipped without it. It just has me puzzled though because if they missed the scan in my hometown, then I figured it would be scanned at the in-state local sorting facility. And if it somehow missed that, then maybe it should have been scanned at the recipient’s sorting facility.

I don’t know, but maybe something is funky with the bar-code. Most buyers are honest people, so it arrives I should be okay. (Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.)



USPS tracking is not a prefect system. One two occasions, the post office took my packages and at the counter, scanned them as delivered. The tracking showed the package as being shipped and delivered within minutes… I got a lot of emails from buyers…

It normally works itself out in the end. Did you place tape over the barcode? The tape can cause a reflection and make it hard to scan. If something is hard, people are unlikely to put in the extra effort.

If the package has a lot of value, you should think about shipping via signature confirmation. It is more likely the post office will insure the tracking is correct and the signature is obtained than with normal delivery confirmation. Once the package arrives they will most likely enter the updated information. Plus you have more protection. Of course, the package could be lost so keep an eye on it.

Why do you take photos of the box before shipping? What is that doing to do?


Also, online information dont always update like it should. You can take your DC Number to the post
office and usually they will be able to see what is going on compared to online. They usually will have
up to date info on your package, where online just hasnt updated yet.


For the record, in case any newbie sellers are reading this, taking photographs or video of your packaging process is a total waste of time and the only thing it proves is that you like to take pictures. It is not “evidence” of anything that matters. What matters is that the buyer received the product intact on the other end of the pipeline.


I take photos for personal sake more than anything. My memory isn’t the greatest, but it helps to have a visual confirmation that reaffirms that I did everything the way it should have been done should anything go wrong. I also take photos of the serial numbers on the item and the box should a bait-and-switch scenario occur. I mainly sell electronics in low volume. Whether you think it helps or it doesn’t, every small precautionary measure matters to me; even if its more for my mental sake rather than anything else. Besides, it’s not hurting anyone.

As for my current package, it’s still missing. Fortunately for me, the buyer has been respectful in our exchanges. I’m still worried about the likelihood of USPS denying an insurance claim since there’s no paper-trail of them ever receiving the item. My fingers are crossed and I’m still hopeful, but I’m also prepared for the worst. I appreciate the responses, everyone.


Hi, I don’t know what is going on with tracking scans lately but, as buyer I placed 4 orders recently
all sellers put tracking on the packages

  1. one item arrived at my address but, tracking is still showing “has left seller facility”
  2. second item -entire time package was on way to my address “track package” on buyer account showed “unable to provide tracking information at this time”
  3. third item - tracking was completely messed up - showed arriving at my town - then departing my town - never did show delivered.
  4. fourth item – and this one I suspect may be seller also - seller is in same state I’m in - tracking has “has left seller facility” for 4 days and finally showing departure scan in town that is seller location .




Rather than request a pick-up, I dropped off a few packages today and noticed something odd. Two of the packages were for family members and one was an Amazon order. Most of the stuff I sell are photo related, so nobody in town has an idea as to what’s going in my packages. Oddly enough, the clerk grabbed all three boxes and as he grabbed the middle box, the Amazon order, he asked if it was a camera. I told him it wasn’t his business.

Well recently I just checked the tracking number for all my packages and oddly enough all the tracking information popped up as being accepted except for the Amazon order. Now I know it’s foolish to jump to any rash conclusions and make false accusations, but I find it odd that (A) the clerk somehow knew I had photo equipment and (B) the tracking number for the photo equipment does not show as accepted.

Maybe I’m tripping, but it can’t be much of a coincidence that two boxes in the same week shipping similar items somehow go unscanned. Should the whole thing go sour, at least I know where I should start investigating.

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