Trying to get approved to sell dietary supplements


I have requested permission to sell dietary supplements and this is the second time I have been denied.

The first time the reason was - - The company name or address on the manufacturer’s document you have provided does not match the company name or address as listed on the invoice.

When you apply Amazon asks for an invoice from either the manufacturer OR the distributor.

I am purchasing from the distributor so I gave them the distributors invoice and obviously the distributor is going to have a different address than the manufacturer. The GMP has the manufacturers address.

The manufacturer and distributor are sister companies owned by the same people, I explained this and was still denied.

What makes matters worse, when I asked the company what I should do. They said I should just reapply because they have many sellers selling on Amazon and have provided the exact same documents which got them accepted. I applied again but got denied again and this time they did not provide a reason.

Can someone please help understand what I need to do?


Well, are you supplying actual FDA certificates? Are your products manufactured in the USA, or outside the USA? Why don’t the addresses match? Did you submit a credit account invoice from the manufacture in your companies name?

The response from the company saying Others have been accepted, is bogus. It means that that the merchandise is made outside the USA, they never had it inspected, and they know it will not pass a FBA inspection. :train2:


SELLC you are jumping to many conclusion here.

  1. The products are manufactured in the U.S.A.
  2. I supplied a GMP certificate which has the address of the manufacturer which is U.S.A based.
  3. The merchandise is 100% being made in the U.S.A and it has been tested in a lab. I have the COA.

As stated above, this company has a manufacturing plant and then a company that does the distribution and private labeling. They are sister companies owned by the same people.

I am purchasing the stock from the distribution company hence the address of the distribution company which should not make a difference since amazon requests an invoice from the manufacturer OR distributor.


I have been approved in the Dietary Supplements category immediately after clicking on the “Request approval” button, without having to provide any documents.

If you are having trouble getting approved, I would advise you to sell something else until you establish a selling history on Amazon and then try again after 6 months. Maybe you will be lucky and get the automatic approval.


Sell $50,000 in products you are allowed to sell. Do 100% FBA (thereby almost guaranteeing you perfect reviews). You will be able to get ungated for 90% or categories and subcategories. I’m approved for topicals, dietary supplements, automotive, etc etc.

All I did was apply and got auto approved. None of the paperwork. :+1:t2:

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