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I have update my credit card information today and my account was then suspended for related account. The new credit card is the same one used by my daughter to open her account this summer. However, we immediately requested to close her account in October after we learned that Amazon only allows one seller account per household. Her account has not even started the seller identification process, did not create any listings, or violate any Amazon policy (if not taking me opening my account into consideration).

I have logged in her closed account on my computer before, which I think also caused the IP issue for the system to relate the two accounts together. I was wrong thinking that this closed account was permanently deleted from Amazon’s account database.

Has anyone had similar situations? I am new to the Amazon marketplace and am trying my best to follow Amazon policies closely. Below is the appeal that I wrote to the Performance Team, but was rejected.

Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team,

The related seller account was opened by my daughter this summer using the same credit card I just updated to. Because soon after we learned that per Amazon policy only one seller account is allowed for each household, she requested to close her account on October 6, 2017. The email address for her closed account, and the account holder’s name is XXX. This closed account has not started selling nor violated any Amazon policy. We closed it because we want to use a business email address under my name and adhere to the one account per household Amazon policy.

We followed the “ Help: Closing Your Seller Account” page guidelines to close her account. While on this page it states that the account will be closed permanently, when we log into this account, it shows the account is “suspended” on the main page. I think it is still recognized as a suspended seller account rather than a permanently closed one by Amazon algorithm, and my account will be found to be related to this closed account because we use the same credit card information.

We will submit the close account request again for my daughter’s account, and delete the credit card information on her account. I will also use a different credit card on my seller account.

I really appreciate your time reading this letter.


The reply we got from Amazon is:


We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we have decided that you may not sell on

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.


Seller Performance Team

Does that mean this is a permanent suspended action? Is there any chance that I may submit a new appeal explaining my situation?

I recognize that my previous appeal did not admit my mistakes or provide a detailed action plan. I want to let Amazon know that I understand their policy of one account per household, and will not log into any other seller account or let any other person log their accounts on my computer.

This is the first time for me to write appeals. Any insights on how the appeal should be written are really appreciated.


There is, perhaps, one appeal left, but it is not to Seller Performance. It is to the Executive Team at [] They are the only one’s that can have Seller Performance re-evaluate your account.

You final appeal must be clear and pithy just like you would any other appeal. Again, they are your only hope as you have already received Seller Performance’s Kiss of Death email. Related accounts are next to impossible to come back from as you have seen. Sometimes, just sometimes, the Executive Team has been able to help.


Hello O.L.D. Books,

Thank you for your insights. I understand that I will have to contact Jeff’s Executive Team since that may be the last and only hope I have. I would like to provide an update to my situation here before emailing Jeff. I appreciate your time reading my question and apologize for the long paragraphs I need to write in order to explain it thoroughly.

While in October, my daughter requested to close her never operated seller account, she received the following email (It was actually in the end of September even though the case date in Seller Central says October):
Date: Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 9:15 PM
Subject: Your Seller Account
To: ""


We received your request to close your account. Once a seller may no longer sell on the site, it effectively closes the account.


Seller Performance Team


We assumed that her account is permanently closed. But yesterday after my account was suspended, we found out that her account still had access to view order history (which was blank). According to Amazon, closed accounts can not view order history or A-to-Z claims.

We immediately sent another request to close her account after receiving the suspension, at which time we thought her account was already in the permanently closed status so the request would be redundant in its nature. This is also part of the action plan mentioned in my appeal.

About 10 hours later, to our surprise, my daughter received the following reply for her request to close her account:
From: Amazon Seller Support <merch.service05>
Date: Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 3:41 AM
Subject: RE:[CASE 4669334471] Close my account
To: ""

Dear Seller,

We have initiated the closing procedures on your North America Unified Account as per your request. This action will automatically close your as well as and selling accounts.

This will have no effect on your buying account. You will still be able to order books, music, videos, and other merchandise.

If you decide to sell on in the future, you will need to create a new seller account.

We do hope to see you again soon at If you have any suggestions on how to improve our third-party selling services, we’d love to hear them.

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?

After receiving this email, her account no longer has access to the seller central, showing a message saying “You don’t have access to this marketplace” when attempted to log in.

We then realized that my daughter’s account was not effectively closed as stated in the first email. Noticing that the first email was from the Seller Performance Team, we thought this might be because her account was in a default suspended status since she had not started the seller identification process. The support seemed to have assumed suspended as equal to closed.

I will attach this thread to my email to Jeff. I want to say that humans all make mistakes especially when it comes to follow a sophisticated system like Amazon. As a single mom of a college child, I am striving my best to be alert of any inconsistencies with Amazon policies and correct them as soon as possible. There will be malicious people in the marketplace, but more of them are people like me who are here to cooperate and to grow with Amazon. I wish Amazon could be just a little more patient and provide a little more support for the sellers who hold the same faith in being a disciplined community member and offering the best online shopping service to customers.</merch.service05>


Thank you for your advice. It is very instructive. In our email to Jeff and communications to Amazon, we will focus on

  • How we failed to follow the Amazon procedures to open a second account in the same household
  • How we have addressed the issue and closed my daughter’s account
  • How we will prevent a second account from being opened without permission in the future

I will update this thread once we have gotten replies.


It doesn’t really matter much if her account is closed. It is 1 account per household per lifetime without permission from seller performance. Don’t focus too much on your belief that her account was closed before you were suspended. The issue is that a second account in the same household was opened without permission in advance. Focus your appeal on your failure to follow guidelines regarding the procedure to open a second account. The fact that the account is now closed would be an action taken to address the issue, that you thought it had already been closed is not an excuse for how the suspension occurred.


Thank you guys for all the support you have offered. I have drafted an appeal based on the guidance I have received. Would someone please help look at it and comment below for proper modification? Any comments on content or structure are welcome and appreciated.

Dear Amazon Seller Support,

We recognize and understand the mistakes we have made that bring us to this point. These are our mistakes:

  1. Failure to follow the account guidelines to apply for prior permission when opening a second account in the same household.

  2. Failure to complete the seller identification process for the second account before closing it, resulting in the account being closed in the default suspended status.

The email address for the second account is It was opened by a family member under her sole proprietorship. The attached is the screenshots of the email reply when opening the account on August 1, 2017. The account was inactive throughout its lifetime.

Steps we have taken to address these mistakes:

  1. We have requested to close the second account on September 27, 2017. The email replies for this first request are in the attached.

  2. Because the first request did not successfully close the account, we sent a second request to close it on October 24, 2017. The email replies for this second request are in the attached. The account is now permanently closed.

Steps we have taken and will continue to take to prevent the same mistakes happening in the future:

  1. We have made agreements with all employees and members in our household to prohibit any of them from opening or maintaining a second seller account in the future without prior approval from Amazon.

  2. In the future when there is a legitimate business need for a second account, we will first apply for approval from Amazon with an explanation for the business need. We will not open it unless we have obtained the approval from Amazon.

Please let us know what should be done and what information is needed to reinstate our account.



Do you have succeeded with the appeal?


Got reinstated with the paid service of veteran seller Oneida Books. He helped us understand the problem and guided us through the appeal process. He is patient, professional and AWESOME.

Seller Performance stopped replying after the kiss of death. Escalated the appeal to Jeff’s team and success.


What email did you use for the executive team?


Could you please provide me contacts of veteran seller Oneida Books? My Account has been suspended with the same reason as your. Thanks in advance!



This is who you are looking for

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