Selling Nintendo Products


I received the same notice. What does that mean? It does not give any specific information.


OP should remove his email address which is visible.


It means exactly what it says. Unless Nintendo authorizes you, you can’t sell anything Nintendo branded.

It’s really terrible and will cut out a chunk of my business. I sell used games often, but apparently now I can’t. No notice or anything. Just immediately gating everyone.




It means that Nintendo is being gated and Amazon is requiring approval to sell their products. If they state that they are not accepting new applications, then that means what it says. Amazon is doing this with many brands right now to enforce gating and prevent counterfeits/unauthorized sellers.


They are doing what they did with DVDs and Apple products. Shutting everyone down so they can sell the items for more money. This BS should be illegal!


It’s their platform. They can do whatever they want.

It’s just gonna drive more people to sell on Ebay, or other similar platforms.


Why should it be illegal?


I get it for new items? But used Gamecube and older generation games? How do you obtain an approval for used items? No distributor sells these items. These are used games…


They killed my Apple business and now Nintendo is gone to, I also received the email today.

Ill tell you as a consumer this stinks when I want to buy my own stuff and competition is almost completely eliminated.

In the meantime Ive been taking up on some skills so I can get part time work and get back to the workforce after 10 years of being independent. Hopefully I can make a come back in another way on the internet with plan Z.


Any chance Nintendo is behind this new policy. After all they have a trademark and Amazon is a huge Marketplace. If Nintendo is the only seller of Nintendo on Amazon huge win for them.


When they did the Apple ban it affected ALL products new and used. You needed to provide invoices from legitimate distributors and show massive purchases beyond when I make in profits over a 20 year period.


Interesting thing on many of the used games I have listed, if you go to create a new listing you can list the items but the only condition option is “New” they are requesting invoices to list Used/Refurbished conditions but not New. This seems the opposite of what usually happens. Normally New is gated.

Gated out of Nintendo with FBA Shipment Inbound?

You can blame all the idiots selling multicarts and “reproductions” of older games for a lot of this. I knew that the second they started popping up they would get Nintendo’s attention and now they’re acting on it.

I’m curious how this will go as i received permission to sell a few specific Nintendo games that were gated a few years ago due to the above. I wonder if that will take priority on those specific ASINs or not…


When they did the Apple ban it was a process thought the day so maybe the software didnt catch up yet? Just a guess.

Gating all Nintendo products

I completely support the move as the site is flooded with counterfeit Nintendo merchandise.


What am I supposed to do about all the inbound FBA stuff I sent them YESTERDAY?

0 days’ notice and I don’t even know how to file removal on all that stuff - or what’s gated and what isn’t


@AngelicPretty, has pointed out why this happened. Bad Third-party actors, have made life difficult for the good guys again.


So you think Amazon sellers that have had a clean record for 10+ years should be punished because of what some other sellers did?


It isn’t fair but apparently, Nintendo has had enough.