Permission to resale items from Disney Store?


I just started selling on Amazon. Yesterday sent in my 1st shipment. Anyway, I have purchased
many items from the Disney Store to resell. I have receipts. Who/How do I ask Disney for permission to resell?


Return those items now, you try selling those your going to get banned for life. Your not authorized to sell disney and you didnt buy from a authorized disney distributor. Dont even try to sell them.


Good Luck!

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Nope, you will get suspended for life, if you try to sell them on Amazon

You are not authorized by Disney and they are gated

You do not have invoices and Amazon does NOT accept reciept

Call back you inventory now, before you are prevented from selling on Amazon, for the rest of your life




You have to have INVOICES from authorized wholesales, showing lots of purchases (hundreds), and then pay a fee 0f $1000-$5000.


Hopefully you can take those items back to the Disney Store and get your money back.

Amazon is looking for professional sellers, not shoppers who purchase items from retail stores. You will need to show that you are an authorized seller of your Disney wares. You will need to show invoices (not receipts).

Amazon is looking for someone who purchases in large quantities from the manufacture or authorized wholesaler, such as any major retailer. You will be expected to conduct business in the same matter as Walmart, or Macy’s.


Why would you think Disney would give you this permission?


A lot of folks do retail arbitrage of products from manufacturers or brand owners that could careless if you resell their items.

Disney is definitely not one of them for current items.

Before you decide to get involved in doing this on Amazon you need to research this extensively before investing in inventory.

What if you are not able to return the items?

You are stuck with them and would have to try to move in other venues that are less prone to being monitored by Disney.


The return policy at Disney Stores is very good. Next time you are nearby make sure you take what you bought and the receipts with you and get your money back.


Welcome New seller & good luck.
As you can see a question like this is going to get some very snarky answers.
The process for selling a brand that is gated is very simple.
When you are listing the item you will see a drop down that will give you more information.

You need to buy from an authorized distributor or directly from the company, and then you would have someone to ask. In other words, of you want to sell and grow you need to go to trade shows, not the mall.

These are other sales channels for what you have now or return back to store.

Good Luck and hope that helps - j


eBay would be your best option to sell these. Disney is one of those highly gated brand. You need to be an authorized retailer in order to sell Disney merchandises.


I’ll bring the adult beverages…


Do not listen to these people on this thread.

They do not know the toy business nor have any idea what they are talking about.

There are certain types of Disney products that will get you in trouble.

  1. Anything consumable: nail polish, lipstick, food items, etc.
  2. Electronics. They come with warranty from authorized sellers.

Amazon cannot enforce the buy direct rules on most toys and games items. There are a lot of reasons for it, most being that items go out of print and still sell afterwards.

If you want my input, as we sell in the category, post the ASINs you are referencing and I will get more specifics.


This is dangerous advice for a new seller.
YOU are grandfathered.
He is not.


Just out of curiosity, since our business is totally different, would it be okay for the OP to just sell the items as Used, Like New?


Very good advice.
Hey…wait a minute…YOU’RE one of the people on this thread!


I currently have 930 Disney listings in my inventory.

It’s not that you necessarily need permission to sell Disney Store items, it’s because Disney does not publish their UPC codes, and Amazon is restricting your ability to list items without them.

I went over, and over, and over again last fall with the Catalog Team.

The only other issue is with their +Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelets+. Their “vicious” watchdog came after me for listings those. I had a dozen not yet sent to FBA, so I returned them to Disney for a full refund.

That’s it, and it’s also the last thing I ever purchased from Disney.

Unfortunately, Disney was a full 25% of our business. We’d rush to list new arrivals and, within two weeks, there were 80 offers for the same products. Now, nothing, and their Amazon Disney Store has such bad feedback, I wouldn’t purchase anything from them, period.

I had to laugh when they missed their 4Q16 objectives, and their stock dropped $4.00 in a single day. I could have told them it was going to happen. Rather then let us buy $100,000’s of products from them, they decided to go it alone. I sure hope they canned the MORON that made that decision.




I’ve been in the toy business for 19-years. Everybody thinks they can just sell them.

Eh, wrong.



The OP can sell them as new, as long as they can find the product already listed in the Catalog.