More FBA shipment flexibility with restock limits by storage type


Woke up to this email this morning, our total limit is now 46k units and we have 58k either in stock or eroute via sea. This is terrible. Just yesterday we were prepping shipments on several SKUs that were low on stock, now we can’t ship them until we sell down on some other slow SKUs. This makes no sense. The old plan was bad, but this is even worse for us.

Please consider changing this, this is killing our ability to ship in units going OOS.


Thank you for the information! I’ll contact Seller Support about this. Please let us know what you find out about this and if your reversal request is successful.


This may (note, “may”) be good for some seasonal sellers; those who have both summer and winter items might be able to come out ahead, by using some of the storage that would otherwise be allocated for the past season to stock more for the upcoming season…
But I can’t think of any other benefits with the way it is apparently being implemented.


I second those questions.

Please clarify how to have more “maximum units” per storage type. Will this go up or down? How about as we get closer to Q4? Or what does a seller have to do if they are planning to expand their business on FBA?

And critically, this affects FBM. Now there will be more needed because Amazon can’t keep up with FBA. But are the FBM SLAs to be relaxed in any way?

I get it, FBA is a privilege even more precious than being a 3P seller. Help us by showing us how to be better FBA program users?


I would assume amazon bases the limit restock to your monthly unit sales and times it by 3 or 4.

This was a great change for us. Sorry that others are going to having major issues.

What are everyone’s monthly units sales versus what your limit is?

First qtr we sold roughly 10,000 units per month and Amazon has us at 57,000 limit. Currently using 22,000. We have plenty of limit left with a few hundred skus. This will help with seasonal products in a major way.

Amazon will increase this limit for Q4 as they always increase during Q4.

Hopefully they are recalculating some of the bugs and will raise limits. I totally agree this was out of left field though with no warning. Good luck everyone.


Hello @AgentBlue,

Shipments created under the previous ASIN Quantity Limits policy, including shipments which are already on the way, will continue to be received as normal and will not be cancelled.



Susan can you please let everyone know if this program is still in effect for new to FBA ASIN’s in terms of no limit regardless of where a sellers limit is today? Nobody seems to be able to answer this question. If a sellers overall limit is over at the moment can we still send in new ASIN’s or not? Really need to know so I can cancel all of our new items in production for Amazon if we can not take advantage of this program. Thank you.


I can’t believe I actually got an answer from a forum member.

However as you can see in my post it say that the shipment is canceled and will not be received. How to get someone to change the status in the system?

Actually the main point is that the overall quantity limits would be well received from everyone if they are high enough. But from 95% of answers you can see that they are not. Most of sellers including us have their total cut a lot when the change we done from item unit restrictions to overall limits.

I understand you can’t go back but how about increase that number (as my canceled shipment is adding more units to my already over the limit number, which was not the case before).


After I read this… I contacted Seller Support and they said they could not do it.


Seller Support has no input in this matter. They are not giving you the correct information. If it was actually an option to pick and choose how we wanted our limits to be handled that information would have been in the announcement. You’re dreaming. Glad to be 1000% wrong here but I highly doubt that I am.


================ HELP! We Are Only Selling in One Season ================

this system is NOT great for people like me, who only sell in the 4th season!
Since my products are only for the Winter season, we have almost no sale from Feb-Sept each year, based on almost zero sale history, the Amazon system isn’t going to give us a lot of storage (units) to send in Sept, right ?

How will Amazon help seller like me ?


Hi @ASV_Vites,

Thanks for your post. The answer to your question is found in this FAQ:

How can I determine how much inventory I can send?
Go to your restock limits monitor and review your maximum shipment quantity by storage type. This can be used across your ASINs based on your choice and you will no longer be subject to ASIN-level quantity limits.

So, if you have a new ASIN, as long as you have room in your restock limits, you could send the new ASIN in to FBA pursuant to the FBA New Selection program.

I hope this helps!





Hello Susan,

Can we please get some clarity as to what is the predominant inventory metric is? I have planned and hired employees based of the the current storage volumes that were designated at the beginning of the quarter. I have unlimited storage but have maxed out on ASIN restock limit. Now that I am maxed out I will have to let employees go.

Thank you


Thanks, it helps to get an answer. Please have the team update the FAQ’s on the program to reflect this change because it’s extremely confusing. It says no limit.

Time to cancel all of our in process pipeline for Amazon. Too bad. Terrible actually. A year of R&D and a ton of $ down the drain for now.


@Shahar above thinks it is our last 3 months FBA unit sales.

Then it is probably multiplied by 25%, which in my case closely matches my limit

On the Handmade side, people are reporting a limit of 1000, so maybe that is the floor?

But who knows


Yes, 1000 is a min limit by storage type. We never sold apparel and footwear and still see 1000 units on those 2 types.


I’m trying to resolve the number I’ve been given to figure out what they used to figure out the limit. For me it does not match the last 3 months of FBA sales. It is actually about 3X higher. I was managing fine with the ASIN limits. And then they suddenly raised the limits drastically where they were allowing me 3000 of several of my ASIN. Now my Total standard size Limit is down to 3324 units.
My IPI has only been rising the past several Months. It appears that going out of stock on some Items has only caused my IPI to go up. I’m now at 611 and have Unlimited storage space available and am using less than 30 cubic feet, too bad that means nothing when I’m only allowed a certain amount of Units.

But I’m Lucky, I can Merchant fulfill and I have space here.


100% agreed and in the same situation… :disappointed:


I don’t see how Amazon can’t know this or recognize this. I don’t even have that much seasonality in my niche, but there is some. This is going to make these periods of time extremely hard to manage with 3PL and not having enough inventory inside of Amazon that I know needs to be there… What a joke.