Is 3% Pilferage/Shrinkage on FBA Inbounds Shipments about right?


The first case was supposed to be eligible for reconciliation on 7/28, but that got bumped back to 8/5 so the trail could go Icy. the second one is brand new. Two shipments that day, one is ok (so far), the other lost.

Cases have been opened, but unless you are a Buyer who ordered the wrong size, and demands money back right now on an A to Z claim, waiting, endlessly and fruitlessly is the protocol to follow, from what I see.

They use the “reason” that the shipments are being further forwarded to other FCs (which is the case on all my shipments, but that never stops them from being received and processed normally - they units show up in Inbound, and then Reserved, and then, finally, Fulfillable as they end up at their final destinations.

Not so in these two cases, never even show up as Received.

I have now cancelled restock-orders I placed with the “factory” for stocks that were going to be shipped to FBA, until (and IF) this is ever sorted out.


As you add details I see that you have exaggerated and all of these shipments are still under the reconciliation time line and you are just ANTICIPATING trouble.

Your problem is the reconciliation starts on August 5 and the trail COULD go icy? TToday is AUgust 3!! That isn’t what you said in your firsts posts! You said all this HAD HAPPENED in the past. That isn’t fair to forum members who spend a lot of time trying to solve problems you don’t really have yet. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with your shipments for no reason. If I had known that your shipments haven’t even passed though reconciliation my advice would have been: Be patient, this happens all the time.

In fact your shipments HAVEN’T been lost, they are still in receiving/. &*&^%$(. This was an hour wasted and I am very annoyed…


Well, some good news. For the shipment sent this month, it seems to have been found and credited to Reserves.

The first, still shows as Inbound. They are Ice-Skating on the trail to that case by now, and still 2 days before they are allowed to take a peek into the case.

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OH BOY GREAT! Why have you had me solving non-existant problesm for this moeikrt???


I have stated the cases precisely as they are. A shipment Received on July 14 in Ont8 is still not processed, shows inbound 51 units. The original date was 7/28 and that was bumped back to 8/5. I have provided screen clips to your support staff.

That is over $1,000 US that is still unaccountable - well, let me check one more time to make sure I am correct (it might have changed in the last few hours:

Here is the current status
FBA (7/12/17 3:24 PM) - 1
FBA4Y5FPHG Jul 12, 2017 Jul 14, 2017 1 51 0 ONT8 CHECKED-IN

Note 0 units received. Not since July 14th.

Here is a clip from the details

We like to get it right.
Inventory placement is complicated. Before we can reconcile your shipment, there needs to be enough time for your products to reach their intended fulfillment centers, including products that we reship to other locations in order to be closer to customers.
Some of your products have yet to be received at the fulfillment center. This shipment will become eligible for investigation after Aug 5, 2017.

Note the Aug 5 date.

These are Amazon postings, not mine.

These shipments were treated totally, dramatically and most-disconcertingly different than the other 60. I should NEVER have to go to reconciliation, and it shouldn’t take 2, much less 3 weeks to be eligible for reconciliation. At first it was 2, and now 3 weeks before even eligible, and from what my experience to date has taught me, is not to hold out much hope, which you have reconfirmed. The original date was July 28th - bumped back to Aug 5.

You seem not to be concerned with the many HOURS of effort I have expended, the over $1,000 in merchandise still not located, much less made available for sale (and unlike the treatment the other 60 shipments were given). Much less the anguish this has caused me.

Had the shipment been properly processed, none, I say again, NONE of this would have been necessary.


Why don’t you check on the first one. Shipped July 12, Received Julty 14, originally eligible for reconciliation on 7/28, now bumped back to 8/5. D: FBA4Y5FPHG

If you think this is a non-existent problem…


The same thing is happening to me.

A shipment received in-full on June 21st now has a missing collectible. Since the “automatic adjuster” said there were no discrepancies, I opened a case with Seller Support on July 29th.

While there was no reconciliation date posted, they tell me I have to wait for the reconciliation date on August 3rd. I asked them to leave the case open, because I attached a lot of screenshots to support my position.

The 3rd comes along, and now 5/6 (they can’t figure out which) were added to my shipment on July 5th, and they are now pushing the date to August 10th.

Talk about a “shell game.”





Latest development. The missing 51 unit shipment has now been allocated to a different shipment , also with 51 units (all in one box, as all my shipments are). Now that shipment has 51 Units shipped, but 102 Received. That shipment was, in fact, for a Hammerhead design.

The shipment that is still a problem (for a Sailfish design) still has 0 units received in FBA Shipments, and 51 units inbound Manage FBA Inventory.

And Amazon won’t look into the matter until 21 days have passed, and by then, who knows what can be reconstructed.

Inn the meantime, I have cancelled all my restock orders destined for FBA, and/or redirected them to my other marketing channels pending some sort of resolution to this matter.


After nearly a month after the items went “missing” (51 performance tees, wholesale $21 ea), and countless calls and chat sessions, with the usual “I understand”, “I’m here to help you” and other platitudes, I finally get a response back from Amazon that indicates that, at least peripherally, the issue is being looked at by somebody with some Mojo inside Amazon.

They have asked for copies of my purchase Invoices!!!

Now, I have been through too much to actually get excited, much less start looking for any light at the end of this seemingly-endless tunnel of infinite darkness, but at least a response.

IMHO, these Amazon guys can kick the can with the best of them in Congress, and that is NOT a compliment.

This has been a staggering experience, to say the least. Criminally-so.

Renewing my confidence, enthusiasm and regard for this marketplace, will take quite some time to complete. Until then, no further FBA shipments from me. I just don’t have it inside me to go through this ordeal again, and I have every expectation, to a near-certainty, that this would just be repeated again and again.

Obviously, I will cooperate with those working on this issue, but the expectations of a positive conclusion have been squelched by a Tsunami of Tsunamis of stonewalling and can-kicking.

To the gentleman who incurred a loss 100x bigger than my $1,000 case, you have my deepest sympathy.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop!

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I know exactly how you feel.

After 1,902 perfect shipments, generally a few each week, I haven’t sent anything to FBA in over a month.

While all my cases are being investigated, with no end in sight, I have to resume shipping tomorrow. I have enough documentation to fight the current and any future BOGUS problems, and will just have to take them one at a time.

People come here to buy my products. After 11 Main closed, I made the commitment to dedicate myself to Amazon, and Amazon alone.

I have no other choice.

I sincerely hope it all works out for you, as well as for the rest of us damaged over the past few months.

Best wishes…



It is stunning to see the double standard that is applied to “Buyers” and “Sellers”. Buyers can say anything, absent a scrap of evidence, and it is believed and acted upon, in a positive way, in mere minutes.

Frankly, I have little hope of a resolution in my favor - the trail has gone cold, and I suspect that any pretense, real or imagined, will be employed to protect Amazon.

Good luck to you. I will take a wait-and-see attitude. If I don’t get favorable dispensation, and soon, I am done with FBA. If I do get equitable relief, I will have to weigh things very carefully before proceeding.

I feel as if I have been mugged.


You have been “mugged.” We all have.

I love the latest poll:

+Seller Poll+
+Amazon treats my brand fairly in the event of a dispute with a seller or vendor+

I decided it was in my best interest not to answer that one.

Typically I don’t have too many issues with buyers, except when it comes to collectibles. I completely stopped carrying Disney Limited Edition Vinylmation Figurines, because I was ripped off on every single on of them. I have one sitting my office as a constant reminder of how nasty Amazon buyers can be.

The rest of the collectibles I don’t send to FBA. Until the new “automatic return” system kicks in, I have a unique way to ward off “would be” scammers. Afterwards, I’ll have to exempt them from the list or the customers will have a “field day” with us.

Let us know how things work out for you?

I sincerely with you the best…



Well, Amazon has agreed to reimburse me for the loss, in either cash or kind, within 5 bus. days or so. It was a pleasant surprise after 30 days of anguish. I’ll keep my eyes out for the reimbursement.


That’s great.

Please confirm if/how it works out?





I was issued a refund of $1,565 which is somewhere between wholesale and retail, so, yes, I am satisfied with the nature of the outcome. However, the time it took, IMHO, is much too long, and far to confused with different stories from different help desk personnel.

Finally, I am very good to have this behind me. I have decided to go forward with add’l shipments, but tentatively at first.


Phew! That’s one big relief.

Now you can understand why I spend 1/2 of every day working on Amazon stuff, rather than building the business.

I finally restarted shipping on Wednesday. Had a small shipment of hand made toys that were just about sold out. By yesterday, they were received in full, and all available for back order. I did, though, print out the shipment in the Shipping Queue showing all were received.

With Amazon, especially FBA, we have take the good along with the bad and ugly. Our business has grown by 950% since joining the FBA program. We never could have done it without them.

Best wishes…



Yes, I agree. After all is said-and-done on this matter, I have directed my procurement person to cut POs for merchandise destined for Amazon/FBA. I will continue to do so for the build-up for Christmas, but I will watch things like a hawk.

I think at some point, it wold seem to me that Amazon would want to start treating Sellers with the same sort of Urgency they do Buyers.


Wishful thinking.

Buyers are everything to Amazon, sellers are a dime a dozen.

So far there have been no problems with my shipments to FTW1. It appears to be business as usual. I send the inventory by 5:30PM, and they receive and make it available the next day. I sent another 3 small shipments today, which I’ll be monitoring closely.

I’m not sure if this not a “smoke screen,” since this is the warehouse I screamed and yelled about. Only time will tell.