How to set up Free Shipping on Amazon Marketplace


I notice on a lot of the items I am offering that some sellers have $0.00 for their shipping costs. I see no way to configure this except on a total account basis. Is there any way to offer free shipping on a single item on the Amazon Marketplace? This is normally not an issue because I discount the item by the shipping cost. But on the items of interest, the manufacturer has a Minimum Advertised Price which prevents me from making this adjustment. However, several vendors that are not FBA show this item as $0.00 shipping while they have shipping costs on other items of similar value. Any suggestions?


This may help:

  1. It requires Pro Merchant status on your account

  2. As far as I can tell the older Marketplace Pro Merchant accounts can’t do the ‘Free Shipping’

  3. It’s done by either Promotions OR [file upload setting of an individual SKU … (linked text)|]

  4. I don’t believe Promotions show up unless you have the Buy Box …

  5. Not that this seems to pertain to you in this instance but it’s not available in the BMVD category


I think I have an older Pro Merchant account. Signed up in Summer of 2011. Am I unable to do this?


I have had a pro-merchant account for years and am not able to offer free shipping at all. I just called Amazon and was told that only pertains to newer professional accounts. If your account is older, the only way you can get the free shipping capability is if they close your account and open a new one. Then all of your feedback goes away too though and you start from scratch again.


There is no place to actually upload the page once you fill it out unless you have a newer Professional account with pro-merchant.


If you pay your monthly fee of 39.99 to amazon, all you need to do is go and download the shipping override sheet and fill it in for each item you wish to change shipping for or to put a surcharge on.

here is shipping override template page

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I think it’s the REALLY old Markeplace type accounts that go back farther than that. I think I had one for 6 months in 2007-2008 range. I switched to a new one. Lost my feedback and started over as a “just launched” but it was worth it.

If you see the global settings for shipping and you can change your model, you have the “new” Pro account.

Someone else here gave you the instructions to override for individual products, so do that and you should be good.


I’ve also got one of those older Pro accounts. Not wanting to start over with no feedback or histories, I’ve hoped that Amazon would finally reconcile these differences and treat all these account types equally.

It’s a real shame that something so logical to do and so needed isn’t just done.


What we did was call Customer Support, they walked us through the whole deal. Where to find the sheet and what everything in the sheet meant.

The person we talked to told us every pro account could do it.

Maybe we were lucky with the person taking our call, but it was quite easy.

Ask for the pricing sheet (I believe its called: Flat.File.ShippingOverrides.TTH
to adjust shipping cost and the link for where to upload it.



Hi. You would have to switch to another pro merchant account. I wanted to do the same thing but decided against it because this would have changed my ability to receive my funds whenever I wanted/needed them to be transferred to my bank account. Otherwise at the time I spoke with them, I would have had to wait something like 2 weeks to be able to transfer my money. Since I have to pay my vendors weekly, that would never work for me. Hope that helps.

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