How long does a buyer have to file an A to Z claim?


I have just received a buyer message from a Prime customer stating that they purchased one of our Refurbished iPads almost 5 months ago, and now the volume buttons are no longer functional. The customer contacted Amazon about the issue initially, and Amazon contacted us via buyer message on the customers behalf. In the message from Amazon they stated that “if you do not refund or replace the device, we will take necessary action.” I have a few issues with this…

  1. We only offer a 30 day warranty on functional defects (the customer is now almost 4 months outside of their warranty)
  2. Because the customer is Prime, any return request that they submit will be auto-authorized, so why bother contacting Amazon in the first place?
  3. Because this item is so far outside of its warranty, and (apparently) no longer functional, I can only issue a refund once the device has been returned to our warehouse. I would like to avoid an A to Z claim, and/or negative feedback at all costs.

So my question to you is, can this customer file an A to Z claim even though their purchase was 5 months ago? I have already offered to refund the customer if they cover return shipping in fear that they will file an A to Z, but I am concerned that this will not be a satisfactory solution for this particularly disgruntled customer.

In the past, I have had a Prime customer receive a device, strip it for parts, and send it back. The customer then filed an A to Z claim saying that we provided them a non-functional device, and Amazon sided with them. Amazon went as far as to refund them their shipping costs AS WELL AS their refund. So basically, the customer was paid $12.50 to strip our computer of parts and send it back.

I would like to avoid putting this decision into Amazons hands as much as possible, as I know that they will not act according to our policies, or any policy to be frank. Have any of you encountered this issue? How have you successfully (or not) solved these issues without allowing fraudulent activity to take place?

Received returned item 80+ days after authorizing return

Buyers have 90 days from order date to submit a claim. They have 90 days from order date to leave feedback as well.

After 90 days, a claim could be opened on their behalf through Amazon Customer Service manually if they can convince them to do so.


Per Amazon help :

    The guarantee claim eligibility window opens at three calendar days after the maximum estimated delivery date for the order, or 30 days from the order date, whichever is earlier. While buyers may file a guarantee claim up to 90 days from the maximum estimated delivery date we reserve the right to accept claims after that time frame, if we find an investigation into the matter is warranted.

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