Examples of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content


I’m looking for some good examples of EBC, anyone found any that were done well? The only one I have is the mattress ASIN, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D8XYE02


found a few examples if anyone else was curious


These ones were most likely done through Vendor Central. They are not the same templates as available through SellerCentral.


I see, I didn’t even think about why there were videos there. Doi. So there’s EBC, then through Vendor Central there’s A+, then there’s also EBC with extra features?


Here are two of mine that were just approved:

Similar products so they are very similar…

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can we do it from sellercentral?? how did you do it?


Now I want one… will they chafe hairy legs? = )


I’m fairly certain this is an example of Template 1:


I cannot identify as one of the given templates. If this isn’t from the same source of EBC, how would a seller go about getting content like this?


The key is the phrase “From the Manufacturer” - anything with this ‘heading’ is EBC/EMC created by a member of the Amazon Vendor or Vendor Express Programs.

“Regular” EBC/EMC, currently being made available to members of the Brand Registry Program, will appear under the heading “Product Description”, such as is the case with the Template 1 example you provided (I also think that’s the template they chose to create that).


This is what I was figuring. Thanks so much for this clarification Dogtamer!


You’re very welcome! Glad I could help. BTW, almost everything I’ve learned about Amazon that +didn’t+ come from extensive study of either the Seller Help Content, or Seller University modules, came as a result of reading the various Amazon Seller Forums. This particular knowledge came from a moderator, Matt@BrandBuilder; those interested in more information about EBC/EMC would probably do well to search out his posts.


how were you able to have related videos on the bottom of your EBC ? great content and product my kid loves mermaids i will be buying one from you


Hi Fin Fun,

How did you upload the Video shorts???




I took a look at the templates and non have a place for video. How do they get the “related video content” on this product page?

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