Buy Box on my listings


OK I am currently on a individual selling plan. I design and produce my own window decals. I noticed that none of my listings have a “Buy Box” Here is one of my listings for example.

My questions are if I upgrade to pro plan

  1. will my listings then have they buy box and 1 click ordering?

  2. will being a pro seller increase my chances of showing up in a better position on searches?

  3. what other advantages are there? ( I have read the help section and understand the basics) I do not like the 2 week pay schedule over the 1 week schedule but that’s business.


It wont if your the only seller. If someone does list on the listing then it will then the buy box will appear as long as the other seller qualifies for it. Hope that helps


Your missing my question. The listing that I created and no one else has a listing under, there is NO BUY BOX… Will upgrading to pro give those listings a buy box?


That is the eligibility for the seller not the listing itself…

I want to know if the LISTING itself with have a buy box.


Lauren that is giving me all information on how a SELLER is eligible. I want to know if the LISTING will have a buy box since it is my created listing that no one else has listing against.


Thank you, that is the answer I was looking for.


Thank you for answering the first question Cast of Characters.

OK now can anyone answer the other 2 questions I had on the OP


If you design and sell your own images, THEORETICALLY, there will be no competing sellers on your page, correct? If there is no competition, how will the buy box be advantageous? Upgrade if you plan on selling more than 40 items a month. I don’t know if you will get a buy box but it will save you money.


The listing will have a buy box if there is a seller on the listing that is eligible for the buy box. We are the only seller on 99% of our products and we have a buy box on all of them.


Greetings, flinthillspecialty!

As previously mentioned, Buy Box Eligibility is based on many factors, such as: category, pricing, availability, and the seller’s performance. A Professional Merchant Subscription is required.

Amazon does not guarantee that any particular seller, including those who are Buy Box Eligible, will win the Buy Box for a product. However, you can take steps to increase your chances of winning by following the guidelines in these Help pages:

  • [The Buy Box|]
  • [How do I win a higher Buy Box Percentage?|]

Thank you for visiting the seller forums!



It takes time to get the buy box. You need to be selling for a certain amount of time, certain amount of feedback and sales and even then not one person knows how the buy box is won. Keep doing what your doing and you will eventually get the buy box over time. :slight_smile:

Happy selling!

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Sorry, I disagree with Amazon’s policy on buy box. Again as usual, Amazon sets the rules, and yet decides to follow them in their own way, meaning, ANYONE who participates in FBA, is AUTOMATICALLY eligible to get the buy box, regardless of everything else. I know this because many many times over, those with fba have taken the buy box from under us, even when we have been 20% lower in prices and their feedback was less than 85%. To me, that does not sound like determining eligibility on metrics and feedback to me.

So again, customers are swindled into going with prime and fba listings and take a 15% chance the item will be not as expected. Where in most our cases - those of you out there also, the chances of a messed up order may be only 2-3%.

When Amazon stops playing the game our law makers play, perhaps they will find themselves with better FBA partners and more support. In my opinion, some go to FBA, just because they couldn’t sell crap to start with cause of the metrics and feedback ratings they have, with FBA, that seems to be waived.


Searched seller help for
buy box

clicked first result:

Buy Box Eligibility

Buy Box eligible sellers are Professional sellers who have met performance-based requirements. There is no additional fee for being Buy Box eligible, and sellers must maintain their performance levels in order to retain the status of Buy Box eligible.

Sellers with Buy Box eligible seller status gain placement advantages for their listings on Their listings are eligible to compete for the Buy Box and listings that do not win the Buy Box are eligible for placement in the More Buying Choices box and Buy Box eligibility. Amazon does not guarantee placement in either of these locations.

Customers can find listings that do not win the Buy Box or placement in the More Buying Choices box when they click the “# used & new” link at the bottom of the More Buying Choices box. (If there are no used listings, the link will say “# new.”)
Buy Box eligible status qualifications

We evaluate sellers based on carefully chosen factors in an effort to give customers the best shopping experience. Criteria include:

ODR (Order Defect Rate): We base ODR customer feedback, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and chargebacks.
Other seller performance metrics
Customer shopping experience offered on an item, such as speed of delivery, shipping options, price, and 24x7 customer service (including through the seller's participation in Fulfillment by Amazon)
Time and experience on the Amazon selling platform.
Status as a Professional seller.

A seller’s Buy Box eligibility to win the Buy Box may change over time based on the seller’s performance against the eligibility criteria mentioned above. The criteria are subject to change. Sustained seller performance and low ODR will help achieve and preserve a seller’s Buy Box eligible status.
Note: Specific performance metric targets can vary by category and are subject to change. Earning Buy Box eligible status in one category does not automatically qualify a seller for Buy Box eligible status for all categories. Some categories do not offer the benefits of Buy Box eligible status.


Nope, I missed nothing. I read the help file:

Buy Box Eligibility

Buy Box eligible sellers are Professional sellers who have met performance-based requirements.


It is not the listing that determines a buy box. Any listing can have one if there is a seller on that listing who is eligible.

If you upgrade to pro you may or may not get a buy box. Without pro, you will not.


Thank you for answering the first question Cast of Characters.

OK now can anyone answer the other 2 questions I had on the OP


The buyer needs to go to ‘Buying Options’ which will then show you are the only seller, and then choose ‘one click buying’ opr the buy now window. There would be no advantage in paying $39.99 to better this except then you could set you own shipping cost, how many days to ship, etc., if you have enough volume to make it worth while. That must be a decision you will have top make.


If you are a professional seller then you will be eligible for the buy box. If you are the only person on the listing with buy box eligibility then theoretically YOU will get the buy box 100% of the time since there is no competition. I’ve revived old listings that didn’t have a buy box and the next day I was the only one in the buy box.

The only thing you can do to really know for sure is upgrade for a month and then see if you get the desired results.

My only question would be: If you are the only person on the listing then what difference does it make? The buyer can still make the purchase.



Amazon makes the rules and interprets them how they see fit. They have a big push for FBA because of many factors, they need to expand their prime product offerings to justify the increase in membership price to buyers. FBA fees were increased as well to help support the FBA infrastructure. The prime membership fee hasn’t been raised in years.

If you have an item that you know will sell very well and your margins can afford the fees then do FBA by all means provided you are happy with the resulting profit margins.

As a new pro merchant of your own items with no competition on your listings you risk the listing page changing to “available from these sellers” link causing the buyer to have to click the link to view the prices. This happens only on some listings and I’m not quite sure why, but it will go away after they let you out of the sandbox or you become a featured merchant.

FBA is definitely the fastest track to winning the Buy Box if you really must have it.


you are the only seller on that page so why would you need the buy box?