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i’m a bit confused i have 50 unit in a box affixed the amazon labels on the upc codes to sell them individualy should i affix any label on the box or no ?


Sounds like you’re asking about the box labels to use for your FBA inbound shipment?

There are 2 box labels; 1 is the FBA label and 1 is the carrier label. To download/print these labels, navigate to the “Prepare Shipment” tab within your shipment workflow, and click the “Print box labels” button toward the bottom of the page.

Be sure to properly affix these labels to the cartons:


hi i did not find the place that i can print the box labels is itat hte same place where i print the item labels?


hi i found it thanks


You print the labels after you have done your shipping plan, because you don’t know how many warehouses are going to have you send stuff to although if they are case packed possibly they will all go to one place… it’s not necessary but I usually printed a second set of labels which I put on the side of the box, making it easier for the UPS guy or whatever carrier to handle the packages, without moving or restacking them… and God forbid one of them gets damaged your kind of screwed…

Amazon is really picky about how things are labeled…


hi vespa thank you for your reply do you mean that to stick the units label on the side of the box or another box label ?


I put the second set labels on a side of the box, generally folks put them on the top…

So I printed two sets of labels one set went on the top like the guy showed in the diagram the other set went on the side of the box, making it easier for in this case Ups to deal with the boxes… without having to restack them, when I first started sending stuff to FBA it was extremely confusing… and I did not like any of the answers I ever got from Seller Support about protecting my books… when I get some kind of an answer in broken English from someone that tells me they take bery bery good care -Books… when I’m asking about how they store them…
The only reason that any of my books were saleable when I finally recalled them when storage fees went up was the fact that I had wrapped them, not in shrink wrap but mostly in beige file folders, with padding at the top and bottom to protect the corners for being dinged. …

I also realize that boxes that are heavy, awkward are not handled as gently as something that weighs under a pound. So anything that you can do to make it easier for someone to handle your huge 25 by 25 inch box that weighs just under 50 lb… Is a good idea… you want to think ahead so that everything is idiot-proof and nothing can possibly happen…

Good luck

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