For those of you who use Payability, here’s what I see on their webpage:

What does Payability cost to use?
Payability charges a simple, 2% flat fee based on your monthly sales. You can offset that cost by opting to receive your payments on the Payablity Mastercard, which provides an additional 2% cash back.

So if you have $1,000 in sales and they take $20 and you spend the $980 on the Payability Mastercard and you get 2% of $980 back which is $19.60 it’s effectively almost free. Do you agree?

Are there any other catches, scams or hidden fees?


Look at their minimum. It is only 2% if you have over $10,000 in income. There is a $200 per month minimum fee.

Plus discussion of this service is not allowed per the forum mods since their paid shills have used the forums to advertise.


As far as I know…the payability mastercard is a myth.
I have been using them for almost a year…and have never had the option to get it although they pushed it at sign on.


Just a thought, if you are using a credit card you can typically have about a 20-30 day grace period with no money charged to you what so ever and some cards such as Capital One Business will pay you back 2% (many others offer 1-1.5%). The thought is if you are using a credit card don’t use Payability (use credit cards but pay them off every month :slight_smile: and save 2% then even make up to 2% more on top of that.


search these forms there has been much discussion this pay day loan place. Yes they do have very very high fees and interest but at least the enforcer doesn’t pay you a vist when you don’t pay.


Yes, 2% to get paid right away is a LOT of money.
Using a CC is a major improvement, we’ve been able to use that to even out business ebbs and flows for years, and as mentioned, we get cash back.


Because payability pays commission to those pushing it, it is not allowed to be dkscussd here. MODS generally lock the threads,


Thank you so much.
I’ll pass!


Mods: I did not know this topic is taboo on this forum.
Feel free to lock or delete the thread.


The whole thing is a payday loan type scam.


I believe they dropped their minimum fee within the last few months…at least the advertising I’ve received says that have.


I have the card.


I have the Master Card from them.


how on earth did you get it?


Or do you really have it?
I just noticed you have 2 posts.
Both of them say you have the card.
The card is a unicorn to me…talked about…but never seen.


There is no minimum fee anymore. It is a flat 2%.


The debit card is just a virtual card which is disappointing. You can get 2% back if you use it to buy inventory online.

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