New Review Policy Increased to $50 Spent


Seems like they are steadily increasing the requirements for reviews to stick. Add another ZERO to this figure and it might actually help.


To post a review, customers must spend at least $50.00 using a valid credit or debit card. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the $50.00 minimum. Customers in the same household cannot submit a review for the same product.


So just purchase gift cards, easy peasy


every journey starts with a single step


I am opposed to the gaming of the product reviews–I have my own brand and I have tried very hard to just stick to organic reviews from verified purchases at full price. I have never solicited a product review or offered any discount or free product.

With that said, this is really going to hurt me because the price-point on my product line is $19.99 which means I will never be able to get a verified purchase product review on a single transaction. and my products will not take priority in product search.

Once again, Amazon solves a problem like a lumberjack with an axe instead of a surgeon with a scalpel.


So we will see an increase in fake buyers buying $50 worth of stuff and then returning it for bogus reasons.


I read it has the buyer acct has to have $50 in purchases before they can leave reviews. Not that they can only review items over $50.00


No fake buyer accounts to make reviews from

They have to have a lifetime purchase history of $50, before they can leave reviews


but you were always the person defending these.


Good to see some action on this. This won’t be enough to shut down the review farms. Hopefully it just the first step with more changes to come.

I’d like to see existing sellers using review farms and spoofed keyword links stopped.


Agree with starving artist - once again amazon isn’t addressing the issue by going after the individuals who are “misbehaving” instead they are doing a “general policy” change that in my opinon is a knee jerk reaction. As a long time frequent buyer on amazon I don’t like that the prime membership doesn’t count - what about things like my kindle unlimited membership or the monthly kindle magazine subscriptions.

I see no point in “credit card or debit card” - a debit card can be purchased and loaded for 4.95 plus amount desired on the card at any grocery store - how is this any different than if I chose to buy a gift card to make a purchase - I am still making a purchase.

The 50.00 is ambigious at best - 50.00 in a lifetime or 50.00 each month? Can reviews only be submitted on items that cost over 50.00?

Amazon wants to cut down on the ??? reviews - there are far better ways to do it. Some would be

  1. don’t allow “for a reduced price” reviews.

  2. use the customer base that you have - I have been a shopper on amazon over 10 years I haven’t ever been asked to review any products other than the emails saying “review” – my understanding is amazon has a program called vine that people are asked to “be a reviewer” — use your long term customers and increase that program

  3. order reviews to that “verified purchases” are displayed first and have a disclaimer that basically states reviews that are not verified purchases may be honest reviews but…



From what I’m understanding it’s $50 in the account, not the product. There are a lot of reviewers opening multiple accounts and only buying review products (free or $1) which is why they put the $50 minimum in there.


Ahh, ok, that makes a big difference. Thanks for clarifying.


i hoping it helps thwart malicious negative product reviews from competitors, etc.


Amazon has taken legal action against fake reviewers
"Amazon Sues Again to Kill More Fake Product Reviews - Fortune"
“Amazon sues sellers for buying fake reviews | TechCrunch”
“Fake reviews: Amazon sues merchants for the first time | Digital Trends”
“Amazon Starts Suing Its Own Sellers Over Fake Reviews - Gizmodo”
“Amazon sues more than 1,000 sellers of ‘fake’ product reviews”

Amazon is targeting both reviewers and sellers.


its not going to affect the reviewers i use for my products…most are Amazon junkies to begin with. Ive long advocated another approach: you have to write at least three product reviews before ANY are published…would put a stop to revolving temporary buyer accounts used to sabotage competitor product reviews.

At least the merch-for-review method gets some pretty detailed reviews written, but paying people with Amazon money would just result in

***** great product
***** good stuff!
***** perfect thanks



Yeah, I’m with those who think the limit should be MUCH higher, like $250-$500 and be on Amazon at least 6 months, have a low return rate and have to write 10 reviews before they begin sticking.

Amazon should do away with unverified buyer reviews. If you didn’t buy the product on Amazon, why on earth would Amazon allow just anyone to post a review here? That is just nonsense :frowning:

Furthermore the purchases must be on real products that are shipped, not gift cards or Kindle stuff. You should only be able to leave reviews in the categories you purchase from. You must make 25 purchases on Amazon to begin.

When you begin to look at real Amazon Buyers and their typical buying habits, then set the rules to follow what all normal people do. It is nothing to buy $500 per year here. Buyers with no activity or tenure just don’t add value to the marketplace and Reviews is one of the most critical things to Amazon’s success.

How the Reviews have all been managed just seems counter intuitive. This $50 requirement doesn’t even scratch the surface of what needs to be changed in order to have a functioning fair and honest review system.

Also reviews from Sellers should not be allowed in categories which they also sell in. There is just too much room for abuse. If the seller has not had a listing in said category for a year or longer, then they can leave reviews again.

As much effort as Amazon has made to deal with this after the fact, it truly surprises me that they have not implemented all of the above and MORE!


That’s great news! At least now everyone willing to spend $1 can’t use the account to write reviews. And the fake reviewers can’t open 20 accounts under different names after spending on the lowest priced item on the site.

Sounds like Amazon came-up with a great solution to a major problem.


Amazon says a seller can’t leave a review in a category that competes with any of their own products:

Inappropriate product reviews
The following are examples of inappropriate reviews. This is not an all-inclusive list.

A product manufacturer posts a review of their own product, posing as an unbiased buyer.
A product seller posts a review of their competitor’s product, posing as an unbiased buyer.
A buyer, unhappy with their purchase, posts multiple negative reviews for the same product.
A buyer posts a review in exchange for financial reward or other compensation.
A family member of the product creator posts a 5 star review to help boost sales.


Too bad depending on what that $50 really means, as up to now, even if you bought the item elsewhere, you could leave a review of it on Amazon. I buy my sewing machines from my local dealer but for those that sell them on line, I have left reviews on the machines even though I didn’t buy them here. I’ve even left reviews of library books that I have read as why should a review depend on where you bought it? People would still want to know if it is worth purchasing or not.

I don’t know how I feel about this yet as a way to get rid of those paid mass reviews. It may be really cutting into good reviews that could help sellers. I’ll have to think about it, while I think about the reviews that I have to do currently.


I would be surprised to discover that included book sellers who review other books.