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Is it just me or are search results messed up in a ton of categories when using the chrome beowser? Example search red shorts and the organic search results display mostly non red colors. Appears this issue is in clothing and sports. Probably others as well.


It’s not a glitch. The search engine sees two keywords: “red” and “shorts”, thus you get both.

You also do not know what backend keywords are being used. A seller may be using several color names, since they may offer different colors of shorts, with only one color showing in the search results.

Also, even if a pair of black shorts, shows in the search result, if you click the listing and red is in stock, it will show you red, not the black shorts, first.

The results are identical in Firefox, as they are in Google.


It appears much stranger than what you described because you can search something like “barbell pad” and if the item has a variation, the item appearing in search, is not the detail page it links too.

It looks like a giant bug on Amazon. Is anyone else seeing this with variations?


My guess is that colors are being suppressed as search keywords. I can think of a variety of reasons to do so.


Literally search any keyword or phrase that would be considered a clothing or sports keyword and you likely won’t see the “Amazon Choice” badge because the core product is no longer showing up in the image. But the URL will still take you to the “Amazon Choice” listing.

This is not in every category.


Easy example - search “shoes” and click on the 1st position organic, which is going ZOCAVIA Mens Sneakers.

A red shoe with no Amazon Choice badge is in organic search. If you click on it, it will take you to the black version that has the Amazon Choice badge.


The goal of the Amazon search is to make a sale in the shortest time possible, using Amazon’s database and proprietary algorithms. It is not to behave as other searches.

I think you have discovered a specific Amazon algorithm. Nice work.


It seems way more like a bug than a new algorithm. The sponsored ads bring up relevant items on the searches while organics do not.

Why would an algorithm, when searching “green dress,” bring up every color other than a green dress?

And then why would Amazon send you to a totally different color variation than the one you clicked on in search?


Highly likely that

Is because there are more dresses in other colors than green.

And green is being ignored.

Bias being toward best sellers.

Sponsored ads use buyer specified keywords. Amazon does not use all seller specified keywords and deliberately defeats many in its A9 search.

Which is why classic SEO has never been as effective on amazon as on most of the Internet.

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