I am trying to upload my listing but it says I need information on product id a upc or asin but I do not have any of those and I was given approval to list my items without it. What is the GCID and how can I locate it to find the product in the catalog to sell???

I am so lost and frustrated.


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I have wondered this myself. My understanding was/is that when approved you can submit the XML without and it will take …

I have not asked for such but am going to in books for testing purposes.

What are GTINs?

Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) are unique and universal identifiers used internationally to find product information across databases. These codes are generally found above or below the bar code on the product packaging (or cover) of your item, and may vary in length.

    1. ISBN (International Standard Book Number): 10 digits or 13 digits
  1. UPC (Universal Product Code): 12 digits

  2. EAN (European Article Number): 13 digits

  3. JAN (Japanese Article Number): 13 digits

  4. GTIN-14 (Global Trade Item Number): 14 digits


Found this question by google, I was having a somewhat similar issue.

In my case, I was missing the “Model Number” to assign a GCID. It was ‘hidden’ in my feed under catalog_number which I had not filled out.


Since my last post I’ve learned … and was mistaken in thinking that GTIN’s were somehow related to the GCID.

Amazon assigns the GCID’s. You can’t …

When you have UPC exemption you must include a Model Number so they can assign it (GCID) and the ensuing ASIN for the product.

Model Number … or Model … is usually within the first 8 fields in a template
in the XML feeds is within the category specific XSD for categories where UPC exemptions are granted.


A GCID number is a number that Amazon gives your product to show that it’s your brand. You need to go through the Brand Registry with Amazon before they will assign it to your products. The brand registry is for manufacturers to have more control of their product listings.

Hope this helps


There are a lot of issues when trying to create the listings on Amazon. I have worked with a couple of their category managers to make sure they get created properly. Each category has them and their job is to assist in getting your products on the platform. If you do not have images, descriptions, and technical know how, you will need to find someone who can help you with that. We provide that service, I’m not sure who else out there does. When I spoke to Amazon last week, they said that they can help review and refine, but unless you have all your information and images together, they can’t do much. Their role isn’t to do that work for you. Just to help smooth out the process some.

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