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:grimacing: That’s basically my fear at this point! You don’t pay the $60 until you get the first review–but what if my first and possibly only review (if I ever get one!) happens to be a 1- or 2-star for reasons known only to the (obviously delusional :wink: ) Buyer?

I would rather have NONE than pay $60 for a terrible one.

I do not plan to do this again. :neutral_face:


Exactly. $60.00 isn’t a problem, it is just that most of those buyers who get the $3 to $5 discount that Amazon gives are often not to happy in their life. This will often reflect on your feedback. :cry:


i feel it helps…you do need to have confidence in your product though because you dont want to pay for negative reviews.

One product i used it on quickly got reviews and an amazons choice badge…sales did increase


I paid $60 for 3 negative reviews and 1 positive. Had a 5 star rating before the Early Reviewer Program reviews came in. I would say only do it if your product literally cures cancer. Otherwise, find other methods of getting reviews.


:rofl::rofl: When I started driving–and I’m sure I’m not alone–I got a lot of “We completely trust you. It’s the other drivers we don’t trust.”

I’m very confident in my products because Amazon is not my only sales channel (so I have multiple methods of feedback, etc.). It’s the Amazon reviewers I’m not so sure about. :laughing:


product A: Four 5-star reviews, one 4-star; so far no unsolicited reviews.

product B: Two 5-star reviews so far plus three unsolicited 5-star reviews

product C: Two 5-star reviews so far plus one unsolicited 5-star review

four other products also enrolled with no ERP reviews yet but one has a few unsolicited reviews.


@redacted, I am happy for your success and not at all surprised :slightly_smiling_face:. I certainly also believed you when you previously described your experience with ERP. :trophy: Your results–particularly with the “Amazon’s Choice” badge–is quite encouraging.

As @Mellogirl88 stated, “not all buyers will meet Amazon’s criteria for being invited to review), and not every one of them that Amazon does invite will want to write a review…”

You and I (and @Pure_Imagination, and @Zonian) might have different types of customers and different ERP experiences, all of which is valuable info for @BRdelivery to consider when making their decision.

Out of curiosity, do you have many Business Buyers for your ERP products?

  • Some of my Business Buyers have been government entities who cannot leave reviews due to potential conflicts of interest or perceived endorsement issues (e.g., VA hospitals, school systems, rehab facilities), and some BB accounts have a general purchaser who isn’t actually the end-user.


Its pretty good… its the best thing out there without worrying about compliancy which is so vague


These products are all toys/party favors and while some are business customers, most are not.

I am assuming buyers have a limited time to respond before amazon invites someone else to leave a review under the program.

I have found sponsored ads to be very pricey lately with little or no return…trying facebook ads instead, as i can define by demographics who sees my ads and for a lower cost than amazon sponsored ads.
seems like even just the boosted traffic helps sales but cant be sure as i dont get traffic data from amazon.


If this was the case, you might get a unhappy customer leave you a negative feedback for curing their illness. Jk lol


We have a mixture of buyers. Never paid attention to if they were business buyers or not. Often it is difficult to confirm the vuyer’s order since they don’t use their real name.


YES! This is my biggest complaint about any of my Amazon Advertising services. FB, Twitter, Insta all offer insights (literall, Insights) into all manner of ad reach, but nothing from Amazon.

If they could change anything related to Advertising, I would love for them to find a way to provide these same insights.


It’s very effective for us Many product also for amazon choice batch also we have less review then competitions.


that’s weird…i do…did you check under business reports?


Yes, @Kiiso, thank you–I do get information under business reports related to page views/sessions for ASINs.

The data I would like are things such as, what was a Buyer viewing prior to my clicking my ad, where did the Buyer after leaving my PDP, what are the demographics of Buyers who click, Buyers who buy, etc. These data are not currently available except via keyword searches and when specific ASINs are noted as the ad placement when a click occured.


I registered 4 products that had been selling well but with either very few or no reviews on 07/18. Since then I’ve received 12 total reviews over those 4 products. .A few of these reviews came over the last 1-2 months and the vast majority have been 4 and 5 stars.

As a customer I am only going to leave a review if the item is outstanding or a real dud, I don’t think I would respond to a $3 to $5 incentive (I actually did receive one such offer through this program but passed on it because I wasn’t motivated by the $3 and I didn’t want to leave a 3 star review based on my personal experience which might not be the same as that of a typical customer).

In hindsight, I think the ERP provides motivation for some people to leave reviews. From reading my own ERP reviews I think about half of those reviews could have happened organically but I’ll never know for sure. I was expecting the ERP to start getting results right away, but it took a while. Also, I don’t think the presence of reviews / stars has had an impact on monthly sales (again, I have no way of proving this, I can just say that sales didn’t double when I suddenly had 2 reviews).


wow I never even thought of a report that detailed! What helps me is that I get to see how many views I get on an asin, which then gives me an understanding of which way the wind is blowing. At least they offer that otherwise i’d be really lost.


Yes, it is helpful–and it does not require participating in Sponsored Ads or the ERP to receive. It’s just less useful on listings with multiple Sellers.


Haha, too true.

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