Customers who cart items without purchase


Why is it that a customer can put your items in their cart & not follow through with payment? I have items always stuck in limbo because customers put them in their cart for purchase but never follow through with payment. The items are stuck in limbo for sometimes a month & no other customer can purchase item either. Seems like someone needs to fix this glitch.


I would think it would still be available as well for others to purchase until item is sold but everytime this happens the item is no longer available on the item page plus it has taken over 30 days to go back up for sale.


Putting it in the cart doesn’t stop anyone else from purchasing it.

Pending orders are from people who actually purchased the item and Amazon is veryfing their credit card. (there are some other reasons also.)


Yes they can, but your item is not removed from inventory unless they checkout.

Not a glitch. A problem with payment can take as long as 21 days before a pending order is cancelled. This is a buyer oriented feature.


When a buyer purchases it, it leaves your active inventory. Amazon is still verifying cc info. But it is sold already no on else can purchase it.
If the cc doesn’t go through, it will go back into your active inventory.

Pending orders that don’t go through are minimal. By me, maybe one in 50.


About 1 out of every 15 or 20 orders for me will stay pending. Its been really bugging me.


All above is true…I had placed 20 items in my ‘cart’ a week ago, and now it says ‘16 available’, so they have sold 4…I do not get to remove them from their inventory until I go through the Checkout procedure///



Exactly how do you know a possible buyer put it in their cart? There are three possible statuses for an item that the customer can affect - pending, ordered but not shipped and confirmed, and confirmed and shipped. No seller account I know of has a “potential buyer has this item in cart” notification anywhere. If all a person had to do to take an item off the product offerings page was put it in their cart, there would be a lot less stuff being sold here because sellers would be loading their carts up with listings from their competitors, which would allow them to sell faster at higher prices.

The only thing I know of that would hold it out of stock for 30 days and then put it back in active inventory is if the seller isn’t shipping and confirming the order.


It is not 3 days before it is cancelled and put back into inventory. It used to be 7 days and it was recently increased to 21 days.


I have 10 things in my cart, some have been there for a year.

often, I get a message that one item is no longer available - it sold.



It was “sold” (i.e. gone through check-out and ordered). The pending status is due to payment not clearing yet. The normal wait-cycle for that is about 3 days before the item automatically goes back to active listing status. If it’s gone on for almost 30, that would most likely mean the customer keeps reattempting payment before the 3-day cycle expires each time. It’s unfortunate that it’s gone on as long as that for you sometimes. The worst that’s happened to me was about 7-10 days, and that was enough to annoy me. I was lowest price on the item at the time so I did suspect it might be a competitor trying to take me off the market until their listing sold, but I had no real way to investigate or prove it of course. I do feel this is a feature that could easily be abused, but what can you do. :\ It’s one of the hapless quirks of selling on Amazon.


Putting items into the shopping cart doesn’t take them out of circulation. That only happens with an actual purchase. What you’re talking about is a “pending” purchase where the buyer’s method of payment has a problem.

When I shop on Amazon I put items into my cart all the time in order to keep up with something I want or to compare prices between different sellers.


I had the same issue and I opened a case with SellerSupport. here is what they had to say, ignore the grammar. hehe

  1. Amazon automatically tries to collect payment for pending orders within a 7 day window.
  2. If the buyer do not update any card information and if we do not have a valid card details, then the order will be automatically cancelled on the 7th day.
  3. If each time a buyer updates their card within their account or contacts Customer Service to update their payment method on the order, Amazon will try to collect payment for the order.
  4. However, a buyer can continue changing payment instruments and retrying up to 21 days.
  5. The order will be automatically canceled if the payment method cannot be validated by their card issuer on the 21st day.

I would like to inform you that the order was placed on 4th of June and as we had valid card details we tried to collect payments from the card we hold on records. However, we were not able to validate the amount. Hence, the buyer was given an option to update his card details. As we were unable to collect the payment, we do give the buyer another 7 days to update his card details. And on the 21st day which is on the 25th of June if we are unable to validate the amount, the order will be automatically cancelled on 25th.

You cannot cancel or confirm an order while it is in Pending status.


A buyer putting an item in their cart doesn’t do anything on the seller’s end. It’s still available for sale. It isn’t “reserved,” and someone else can still buy it.

When something goes into pending status and stays there (for more than 30 minutes), it has nothing to do with a buyer’s shopping cart. It means they tried to go through with the purchase, and there was a problem with their payment method. Usually that’s an expired credit card. If the buyer updates the card info, the sale may still go through but will take much longer, possibly a day or two. If the buyer does nothing, the sale will stay in pending status for a few days and cancel.

I believe if someone tries to update their card information with another expired or invalid card the sale could be stuck in pending for a week or more. I’ve had that happen, and it seems the likeliest explanation.

In any case, the shopping cart won’t cause the issue.



The act of “tying up” the inventory of a competitor so they can sell their item first cannot happen, and has been discussed may times on here.

If this was true, there would be many, many sellers placing items in shopping carts so no one could purchase the like item of another seller.


That’s an excellent question - how exactly does the OP know that the buyer has one of his/her items in their cart? I only get notified when a sale has actually been made.


The OP doesn’t know. The OP mistakely thinks that a pending order means someone put it in their cart.


The only way they could know is if the buyer tried to pay for it, that’s when it shows up as ‘pending.’ If an order is pending, it’s taken out of your inventory.

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