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anyone has any idea whats going on with buyboxes? we lost buybox on over half of our items even though we are the only seller for them. Only kept buybox on few top sellers. And it affects everyone, not just us. I mean, search for “grill mesh”.

there are only 5 listings on a first page that have a buybox, all others just say “Available from those sellers”. I tried to open ticket with support, got longwinded answer that boils down to “its all automated, cant do anything…”

In fact, most of the searches i run now, return over 50% listings with no buybox. Is this a temporary issue with algorithm or its just how things are? i am not so sure how much it affects sales with such global issue, but still, does not look right.

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Is it possible it’s related to today’s headline about the new metric - Inventory Performance Index score? There was another post where someone speculated this new metric was costing them the Buy Box.

Personally, I’d be thrilled to see the Buy Box go completely away, or at least be seriously de-emphasized, and let buyers get back to being able to make their own choices about who to order from between all competing sellers.

The Buy Box, IMO, just encourages price destruction as everyone fights to take smaller and smaller profits to “win” it. Not to mention the garbage deal of putting so many Chinese counterfeiters in the Buy Box and the harm that does to both buyers and legitimate sellers of those items.

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buybox is a marketing tool. it has its merits. issues you are describing not related to buybox in general but to how Amazon functions and topic for another conversation. from my experience, majority of customers not interested in browsing through sellers. they want to hit the buy button and be on their way. so i am much more interested as to why buyboxes being lost. majority of situations there, there is only 1 offer anyway and yet still they take buybox away.


I am facing the exact same issue and got a very long unsatisfactory answer from amazon as follows

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

We appreciate your patience while we were working on this issue.

From your correspondence, I understand your concern regarding winning the buy box eligibility for listings in your account. I will do my best to assist you in the best possible way.

–> Hello, can you check if there is any issue with amazon buy box, our buy box is down more than 50% in last day

This percentage indicates how frequently your offer is featured when a customer views the detail page. Sellers who win the Buy Box have a greater chance of gaining the sale.

Based on your comments, we reached out to the Buy-box eligibility team and they have confirmed that the buy-box eligibility is working as intentional.

They have also checked a few of your listings and confirmed that there are no issues with your listings and our system is working as expected.

I understand that your products are eligible, however, since the buy-box eligibility is calculated on a periodic basis and is completely automated, we cannot manually adjust it.

Also, as mentioned above, as a onetime exception, we escalated this to the technical team and it has been assured by them that the buy-box eligibility is working as intentional, and a manual adjustment cannot be entertained as it would not be fair to other sellers.

For business reasons, the logic by which the scores are calculated for buy box winning offers, the cumulative score of a seller and other sellers is kept confidential. Even Seller Support associates does not have permissions to view this data. I’ve already contacted the concerned team and they confirmed that the other sellers offer has a better score than yours which is reason for winning the buy box.

Pleased note that at times Buy box is won by Amazon or by the sellers simultaneously. Also, I’d like to inform that, there are instances, where the Buy box is won only by third party merchants, even if Amazon is listing against the same offer.

Sometimes the buy box winner, holds the details page for just a minute and the winner may change and sometimes the same seller may continue to win the same buy box continuously. Also, that since the concept being an automated process the eligibility criteria is met and still not won.

For example, sometimes it happens that comparatively orders are received to a particular seller’s or Amazon offer and so the buy box is automatically selected. However despite good sales history as well the buy box is not won. As the criteria is of many other factors.

Please know that choosing a buy box winner is an automated process where a designed program selects sellers as per the metrics evaluation process.

Also know that numbers, parameters and metrics keep changing and there are scenarios where Amazon is offering a product at a cheapest price, providing excellent customer service and maintain a good feedback rating and still not winning the buy box being a lone seller of that product. Same is the case with thousands of sellers on Amazon.

There are cases, where, a product has more than 20 sellers offering it, however, not a single seller would be winning the buy box (same is the case with your listings as well). As you used to win the buy box before and not winning it all of a sudden is worrying you and we understand that completely.

As this is an automated process, we cannot guarantee what the system does while choosing the winner. Yes, there is a certain algorithm behind it like I mentioned, however, it is not known to seller support.

Buy Box eligibility is regularly checked and based on factors that have been carefully chosen in an effort to give customers the best shopping experience. There are several other factors apart from lowest price, that also influence Buy Box eligibility including: category, availability, products visibility, sales history and the seller’s performance.

Please kindly note that even if there is only one offer for a product, Buy Box eligibility is still evaluated and items must be priced competitively in order to be eligible to win the Buy Box. Offers that do not meet the criteria to win the Buy Box are still displayed on the Offer Listing Page.

Amazon does not guarantee that any particular seller, including those who are Featured Merchants, will win the Buy Box for a product. However, you can take steps to increase your chances of winning by following the guidelines in these Help pages:

The Buy Box is intended to showcase Pro Merchants with high sales volumes who consistently provide high-quality products, timely order fulfillment, and excellent customer service.

Please note that Seller Support cannot influence Featured Merchant status. If a seller meets the current eligibility requirements for Featured Merchant status, Amazon will automatically enable Featured Merchant status for that seller or the category team will contact the seller directly.


We have the same issue. Two of our brands are no longer in the Buy Box, and we manufacture the brands, and are the only sellers selling the brands on Amazon. Without buy box, we cannot advertise or do promotions. We are getting the same answers as described here. The brands in questions are all four and five star reviews, etc…, not sure what is going on…


If you mentioned this I missed it, but do all your listings show “Yes” under “Buy Box Eligible” in Manage Inventory?


There is no such thing as “the buy box program”.

Books do have a buy box.

Not having the buy box does not preclude orders. It just means the buyer cannot click on the +Add to Cart+ on the product detail page, but has to go to the offerings page to order.


Amazon’s Buy Box program has 30% of my listings OFFLINE and/or CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE! I make and sell my own products (Jaime K. Candle Co.) and if my customers want to pay .50 more or even dollars more, for my High Quality Soy Candles, customers have THAT RIGHT, but for Amazon to not even allow my products to be available for purchase is discriminatory and Ludicrous!!! I have customers writing me daily asking where the candles are they recently purchased and if they’ll be available soon! They want MY CANDLES, they do not want to have “me” WIN a buy box for them to purchase them. This is the most discriminatory and outrageous thing that Amazon could’ve done! They basically STUCK it to the sellers! After SEVERAL attempts to email,, asking them to 1): REMOVE me from this program or 2: Rectify it so that it doesn’t prohibit sales in anyway !!! I have sold on here many years, and this is by far, the most ridiculous thing amazon could’ve done. They might as well say, just give up, you cant compete with China and over seas markets!!! Besides, doesn’t “upper management” at Amazon realize that when we loose sales due to this complicated Buy Box program they loose profits which impacts the public that invest in Amazon stock. Why doesn’t the Buy Box program include “books”? Amazon customers buying books have multiple choices to purchase the same title from multitude sellers! This is why I believe the Buy Box program is discriminatory. We will move our business to another venue if necessary!


Wall of text, please use paragraphs.

But as mentioned above your items are available to be purchased with or without a buy box.

Your issue appears that many items have NO STOCK…


I just went through a few of your listings out of curiosity and you are violating a whole bunch of policies. Honestly, I’d be more worried about that if I were you.


I took it offline for now until I figure out how to get all my items eligible. If I drop my prices by five cents or more, they reappear for sale. I just can’t continue to lower prices…I don’t want to lose sales but I’d rather that than lose all my profit…I used to love selling on here until they implemented this…I just can’t change the price of 900 items to compete for this buy box! I hate it! And there’s nothing we can do…


I have the Buy Box on a desktop computer. On mobile devices it just shows See All Buying Options. My sales went from 30 a day to 3. Of course the reps say…no glitch on our side! BS

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