What is the utility bill with name and address visible?


My account is removed by Amazon. I want to close my account, if I should only make the right to sell in Amazon again to close the account?


No. You get 1 account per lifetime. If you close your account, you can not open another one. You need to submit what they request.


Amazon did not remove your account – they put it under review pending you sending them documents (according to your screenshot provided).

Do you not understand the documents they are requesting? Amazon is simply wanting to verify who you are.

And no, closing the account and reopening will not work. Amazon will ask for the same information on the new account. In fact, since a seller is only allowed to have one account, they will likely immediately suspend it; saying you violated policy by opening a second account.


Thank you!
And I want to know what the documents they are I should provide to.


Provide a Utility bill (Phone, Internet, Water, etc.) with your name and business address.

A copy of your business license.

Invoices within the past 90 days to show you buy from a wholesaler.


If they are requesting a utility bill, you need to provide one that matches the address you are using to set up your account.

It can be an Electric Bill, Phone Bill, Internet Bill, etc.

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