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Hello Everyone

My company is registered as a professional seller on Amazon however my account was put under review and selling privilege are on hold

I plan to sell my own private label product for which I have already applied for trade mark certificate .

Amazon is asking for a business license . I have not yet got any active listing on amazon.

Amazon say business license if applicable .

Can any one suggest what amazon would be looking for .


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The ‘if applicable’ means if you have it, provide it. Since you do not, you will not. What Amazon is looking for is a business license. Almost every wholesaler/supplier requires their customers to provide proof they are a business for tax purposes. This goes down when dealing with International entities however. A business license to Amazon shows you are an actual business and not just a hobbyist looking to make a few bucks.

So, what is a Business License? Business licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government’s geographical jurisdiction. It is the authorization to start a business issued by the local government.

Business License is issued by your state’s department of revenue or equalization. Most require you to have your business registered with the IRS as well. This opens the door for you to purchase wholesale and direct from manufacturers to sell retail.

But as I stated, Amazon is asking for it if you have it. Since you do not, you do not supply it.


It depends what country you live in.

Any registration with a government body that declares you are registered for tax as a sole trader or alternatively registered as a company. Either is fine.

Please review Re-reinstatement email, Suspended after registration

Submit the form to the county clerk’s office. You will file it either in 1) the county where your business has its “principal place of business,” or 2) a registered office in Texas if the business’s principal place of business is outside the state. To find a county clerks office, visit the Secretary of State’s website

Since you are not in Texas, this isn’t realistic…


Hello Eveyone

my company is registered in the state of Texas and I have the registration certificate and have a EIN number certificate/letter .

I plan to submit that with the plan of action as business license .

Hope that will be fine .

I do not have wholesaler license do I need to have that if I want to sell on amazon business or amazon market place .

For now I will be selling my product under my own brand.

Thank you .



So, you down voted my reply because you aren’t in the US or you are to lazy to go you your county’s office?
Pick one because you are not in TX.

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