Seller level quantity limits - Just launched


Wow… there goes growing or scaling any media business with fba. Devastating blow to most bulk book sellers.


So what will the big dogs do? Or will they manage to somehow be exempt? Two of the three that first come to my mind tend to dump mass quantities into FBA right at the beginning of the peaks. Seems like these limits will prevent them from doing that, especially since they were just set during one of the slowest bookselling periods of the year.

(@Picks_by_Nisha in case you haven’t noticed this ridiculousness yet)


I seriously don’t know what will happen to my 2.500units of container shipment. My limit is down to 1.000 from 3.000 and I have 2.500 created shipment and paid already to the manufacturer.

Amazon clearly says that shipping more then the limit is violation of the policy and my cause cancellation etc… however I had created 2.500 unit shipment 3 weeks ago…


Yes that is the tip of the iceberg issue for sure. How are sellers supposed to plan for Prime Day and Xmas / end of year sales based on prior 90 day sales??


Right? We sell 5-10x in August what we sell in April. Seems pretty unlikely they are suddenly gonna 10x our limit in mid-June so we can get everything in.


Amazon please get your new / expanded warehouse/distribution sites up much much faster. The growth in E-Commerce has been phenomenal and Amazon has always carried the torch on this.

Keep it rolling ??? … as it seems things on the Operations side of the Amazon house are mired down somehow and causing momentum to slow for Sellers. All of these IT , demand planning , forecasting , lean philosophy band aids by well meaning folks are in place as there is just not enough warehouse space and physical capability to staff these sites.

Please please please Amazon find a way to accelerate physical space for sellers to stock their goods and utilize FBA. We know its tough with Covid etc but limits are limits … it doesn’t matter how you get to it the lower inventory on hand the higher the rates of stock outs which means lower seller revenue and lower fees for Amazon. We know Amazon and Sellers all do not like seeing “Currently Unavailable”. Turns a sale into a click to somewhere else.

We all love the Amazon Platform and want to keep rolling and growing. We want to smash Prime Day sales records and absolutely keep Amazon as the number #1 E Commerce Platform.


Exactly this! And to make matters worse they’re threatening sellers: “Sending inventory above the maximum allowed shipment quantity is a policy violation and may result in cancellation of non-compliant shipments”. What about those that shipped inventory according to the previous restock limit, long before this new policy?! It’s madness


I’m not quite sure what to think of this. Seems great for the sellers that sell a lot of items over various categories, since the ASIN limits are gone (at least by my reading of it). OTOH, booksellers weren’t affected by ASIN limits, but will get hit by this.

I’m showing that I have “Unlimited” space, but my max inventory limit is 1000. Prior to the pandemic, I was running quite a bit higher than that, so I’m not sure how this will affect things down the road, since there is no way to predict what sourcing will be like in the future.

Worst part is this: “We will update restock limits regularly. Selling Partner Support does not provide further guidance.”
So we have no idea what we can do to improve things, or earn more space. Why would this be a secret? If there is something that they want us to improve to earn more space, why not tell us? Otherwise, we’re just shooting in the dark.

I’m curious as to the stock limits for other booksellers. As I said, my limit is 1000; I’m currently using 400. Thank goodness I’ve got room for another 15 bookcases in the basement!


I see this as a good thing. I feel this is going to affect some sellers. There are so many gung ho FBA sellers that recently started during the pandemic. They are basically sending in everything they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, the books are turning as they should, causing storage space to fill up.

Now, those sellers, such as myself, that sell 1,000 units a week won’t be as affected. As a matter of fact, if the Newbie FBA sellers are discouraged to send in any book, then eventually there will be enough room come Christmas/Prime Day for the sellers that are flipping units quickly.

My limit is 6403, which seems to by higher than most that I am reading. Please list what your maximum storage is so we can all compare.


The limit appears to be 3.5 months of total units sold. Not sure that’s across the board but I have 2 accounts and they are both at 3.5 months.

I’ll take a 3.5 month ASIN limit all day long, this policy is a literal disaster for us for now. There are ways to manage with it in the future.

So glad I followed the advice of my inside amazon rep and loaded up for prime day… Just kidding.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go get the bullet out of my foot because we have shot ourselves there following Amazon’s advice.


I got to thinking about this, and realized that in the 5 years I’ve been selling on Amazon, there have been several changes to storage limits; each supposedly an “improvement” over the previous.
When I started, there was a limit to the number of books I could send in.
Later, it got “improved” to total space allowed.
Later, we got the IPI, so that if you had a good score, you got even more space! (but bad score was smaller). Of course, what was “good” or “bad” changed several times.
Now we are “improved” back to an item limit.

Net result of all these “improvements”, when I started, my limit was 5000 books, now it’s 1000; an 80% reduction. A few more “improvements” and there will be nothing left.


I received an email about 24 hrs ago regarding this


I wonder if this is for everybody. I have a seller on a listing I made that has sent in 300 which is enough to last a year. I will be watching his inventory quantities and comparing them to mine. He is one of those sellers that magically get hundreds of 5 star seller feedbacks right after they launched.


It is time to discontinue the use of FBA and handle all the shipping and logistics yourselves. Allowing Amazon to basically have you purchase your items then send the items to them to store pick and pack ship and then handle all returns is just another word for dropshipper. Everyone has a problem with dropshipping but FBA is almost exactly that same except that the items are pre purchased and sent in. there is 4 main parts of a sale. The inventory, sale, shipping and customer service. If amazon is doing 3/4 of the sale then they are drop shipping them for you. Stop the dropshipping and when enough people do they will start listening to sellers.


Sounds like Amazon found another way to steal 3rd party inventory and charge extra fees…
Sounds like they want to limit competition on their platform…
Not sure why, they make more per unit on 3rd sellers than on their own sales…
Sounds like a power trip!!


One more reason added to a long list of reasons why I’m glad I made the decision to sell what I have in inventory and then shut my FBA account down. The new limits level doesn’t affect me now, but it’s just another reminder that Amazon is constantly doing something to add to sellers’ frustration.


Because I choose to self fulfill during the winter months, my FBA level is 1000 units, even though I have unlimited space.

Good thing I already have things set up to continue self fulfillment.


Which means that they are totally different. FBA is NOT dropshipping. Not even close. Dropshipping, by definition, implies that there is no inventory, and the item is not purchased until there is an order for it. They are not the same.


This sucks, I’m a strictly FBA bookseller that was tinkering with ways to continue to scale. My IPI is solid and my store quantity is decent at 5500, but I hate having that ceiling right over my head. I hope this is a response by AMZ to the influx of new sellers coming from the uncertain job market and at the direction of social media ‘gurus’. Many of them likely shot from the hip and filled the FCs with everything and anything they could find irregardless of rank, sell through rate, or ROI. My prediction, which I suggest you take with a grain of salt, is that by Q4, once the wheat is separated from the chaff & most of these people have disappeared, these restrictions will be lifted and we’ll return to business as usual.


My limit dropped to 1k… I have moved over 1600 books in this first 4 months… this change makes no sense to me.