Is it an absolute fact that the USPS will sometimes not scan a package


and does this go for all services because I have many people getting stuff Express priority that are receiving them but there’s no scan and some of them are expedited orders so its stressful. any thoughts/info ?



My packages are almost always scanned. I drop off at the local post office, sorting center PO, and get pickups from my house. I never put them in the blue box. The biggest lags I tend to see are on my Priority Mail International packages. If dropped off without standing in line for an acceptance scan, they often don’t get scanned at the PO. They pickup their first scan at the foreign processing hub before leaving the country. My pickups for PMI get scans.


Yep, this is a fact of life. USPS scanning happens when it happens. I would say that their scanning is reliable about 95% of the time, but that other 5% of orders can be a real pain.

I would also point out that there has been a major lag in USPS scans updating into Amazon tracking over the past few months - often it takes 1 to 2 days for the information you can see on to update to Amazon. Be sure you check the tracking number though and not just through Amazon if there’s an issue.

Complaining to USPS and/or your local postmaster can help sometimes. Additionally, packages that are hung up in the system somewhere can often be magically dislodged by opening a case with their customer service.


I know that USPS can be sloppy with the scanning and tracking. I’ve never had a situation when package is delivered and it is not scanned. I had issues with them not scanning during the transit stages. My buyers kept bugging me about not dropping off the packages. That is why I opt them from my delivery options.


Mistakes happen. I received, as buyer, a Sig required package the other day. They didn’t get my Sig , they just left the package. Lucky for the seller I’m honest.

and mistakes are more likely this time of year when volume is increased enormously, and all the carriers hire temporary holiday help.


And you have just learned this.
This is not news to most of us here.




I agree with Crackhead (now there’s a sentence you don’t often get to say).

My packages are nearly all scanned and delivered on time… close to a hundred a week and rarely a problem.


Are you checking the scans from your Amazon seller page or from the actual tracking page at the USPS website? Amazon has been very delayed and incomplete in showing tracking on the site… the better information can be gotten by entering the tracking number directly on the USPS website.


Sure there are some missed scans along the way but the vast majority of my packages have multiple scans. I’m sure my packages go through many of the same facilities as those that are having issues. I’ve shipped to every state, territory, protectorate, and large number of foreign countries. I really think that no acceptance scans should be something you bring up with your PO. If you routinely get no scans at all then you need to check on the quality of your labels.


Haha. I often think people are pained to write that. I find it really funny when the mods say that agree with me or that “Crackhead gave you good advice”


You’re in good company. I regularly check tracking, looking at packages that have been on the road for 5 to 10 days. I find that at least half have some irregularity.

Sometimes it does not get recorded as delivered; sometimes it does not get recorded as being dropped off by me; sometimes it magically jumps from a sort facility on this coast to the customer’s mailbox on the other coast without visiting any sort facilities in between.

I’ve had packages delivered with SC, but never received the sig.

I currently have a box in limbo someplace in the US. It was shipped to me from S Carolina 19 days ago. Last tracking info shows that it was in a sort facility in SC just a few dozen miles from the sender. Neither the sender nor I have received any notice from the USPS.


It’s not just Amazon either. My products on the Bay aren’t updating properly either. I have a product that says it’s in transit, yet the last scan is it being scanned in to my post office. I watch them scan all of my packages here and then pray for the best until they get to the other end.


Just curious are you printing your own postage? If I was having an issue with “many” of my shipments not scanned I would look at your labels. Could be a printer issue causing your barcodes to be unscannable.


And I am thinking that you don’t use a scan form… using a scan form can drastically reduce issues… and your postal carrier will love you for it too.


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Oh thank you,that makes sense. I have been using amazon to check tracking

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all postage printed on amazon . Thank you