Huge increase in Product Compliance Requests today? Keeps increasing....!


I feel like Amazon is my “other boss” and at this job I’m constantly getting blamed for things I didn’t do, and get lectured about how if my work performance keeps up like they will have to let me go


I can agree with you there. Very scary when your income is affected.


Just got a bunch myself, mostly for products we do not even carry or had sold years ago. Seems Amazon has found more things to turn their bots on to. It is hard enough dealing with all the shipping issues we are still having, but this is life on Amazon it seems.


I just went through my closed inventory and deleted everything similar to what I got notifications for that I can think of, I hope that what I got is the end of it, but I sincerely doubt it. Amazon bots have effectively ruined any enjoyment that I used to get from selling on this site.


I think Amazons computer is automatically deleting things with no sales rank. I had several listings disappear (all that shows up in the link is an error page) before I even had a chance to look at it. The pictures and complete products pages are all deleted automatically.


Hi @metaman,

Thank you for your post, Snow here to help you.

I understand that the sudden increase of flags in your account must have been a frustrating experience and a great impact to your business.

In the United States, all toys intended for use by children 12 years of age and under must meet federal safety standards. Amazon aims to provide a safe experience for both our buyers and sellers on the platform as well. Hence, Amazon may request toy safety documentation at any time to confirm compliance. We would like to extend our advance gratitude for our sellers’ understanding for such reviews. Please ensure that your products listed and sold through the Amazon website meets the specified certification standards. Once you have done so and is certain that your items are being flagged out in error, I would encourage you to submit an appeal. You may provide documents as evidence following the requirements listed in the Selling Toys in the US policy.

To ensure that your account will not be further impacted by these flags, do submit the required documents and appeal via the account health page. Under [product compliance requests], select [next steps] and the [provide documentation or appeal] buttons

For educational purposes, I’ll like to highlight and provide additional resources on this matter:

Hope the above information have been helpful for you.

Snow (雪诺)


I’ve been getting “high pricing” deactivation on discontinued items, some even priced at below $10. Seems as though the algorithm also compares your price to the lowest listed price. If some sellers want to seller their items at pennies, then I shouldn’t be penalized.

Basically, when I see that an item has been deactivated for that reason, I just move it over to eBay.


I got tagged with 158 today myself. Granted most of them I don’t have the ability to restock and I have active stock for about 4-6 SKU’s and maybe 10x or so that I could restock.

What kills me is that the manufacturer is not receptive to giving out the info. I reached out to Consumer Product Safety Commission and there is no active internal database that’s maintained that a customer can request copies of certification. I’m sure the big brand name manufacturer’s actually do the certification buts its not something thats readily shared, let alone something a front line customer support rep knows about let alone has access to.

So in the end it effectively means I’ll have to exit several ASIN’s even though the products are from Multi Billion dollar corporations which that alone should be proof enough that they are policy compliant. Also pretty lame that a proof of purchase receipt isn’t accepted from big name retailers as they themselves wouldn’t let themselves be caught selling non compliant toys/items thereby inviting lawsuits.

I get what Amazon is doing but I strongly disagree with how the current structure doesn’t readily allow for those product compliance documentation to be obtained which I find very strange considering its suppose to be for the consumers benefit but yet I can’t them and they aren’t readily available online or on some database.


Ghee—I am Merchant Fulfilled also. Looks like they are trying to drive us out of selling Toys and Games. I have no idea how to get the documentation for over 150 different items:


An Amazon risk management decision. Most likely they have decided that the exposure from outside sellers in this category is not worth it. That would align with their increasing emphasis on high profit “low hanging fruit” categories and the move away from anything even remotely controversial. They have been signaling this for some time.


All the product testing is done by independent labs, like Underwriters Laboratory and various others. Perhaps reports can be obtained directly from them. Admittedly, have not done this myself as not in that category. I would think that testing certification numbers should be printed on the box or other packaging. I would suggest not doing that has federal and state legal implications, so to these manufacturers, I would start talking about class action civil suits if they don’t turn over this info. They always have age recommendations on toys, so the recommendation MUST be supported by documentation. One can also do public records requests to federal agencies. Perhaps a seller here should set up the Amazon Toy Sellers Association, so all this documentation can be centralized and a toy seller can obtain it for a reasonable membership fee. Perhaps one can just label the toy as adults over the age of 18 as a temporary measure.


We actually sell quite a bit of Aurora and submitted docs for them. Most were approved. We had a few rejected for various reasons and were able to get most resolved


They may also have made a deal with the buyers of the “Toys are us.” trademark which are going to be selling almost wholly online, or Amazon has decided to become the world’s largest toy store by itself. Also, this was fired up because Amazon got held liable for one of those battery powered Chinese roller board, skate board things (forget what they are called) sold by a third party that burned down a family home. I am sure they want to nip similar civil actions off in the bud.


I got this same message but when I click on the page to address the issue, all i get is a "“error” page…No help…How can I fix something I cant find…


Same issue for us. Appeals denied, documentation denied, opened case with a canned response to provide documents. And the #s continue to grow.

Another thread someone mentioned it was a rogue bot that has been targeting categories and has now moved on to toys. I’m curious if it was resolved in those in other categories.

Being widespread and growing numbers for many, is there anyone we could get more information/assistance from vs Seller Support?
We’ve been selling primarily toys for 8 years with no issues and this is far more than a hiccup to move on from.


What I have seen a is listing format change for minimum age, it went from years to months. So if you have a listing for a minimum age of 14 years old it now is 14 months which changes the safety documentation requirements.


I am confused too. Amazon takes a good cut from our sales, so I don’t understand.


Yes this has been going on for weeks. Team has yet to resolve it… basically amazon is requiring individual product approval as opposed to category approval going forward is what their people explained to me.

SO now at least for me I have to submit thousands of pages of documents.

The “blue ocean” doesnt treat its sellers like this.


Just got hit for 154 of these. So, we have to submit a ASTM-F963-2017 for everyone of these? Well, there goes my day…


Makes more sense now if they made a deal. Seems Amazon is always willing to make a deal and then cut out 3rd party sellers although didn’t they have a deal with the old owners of Toys R Us way back and end up majorly hurting them be going back on terms of the deal shortly into it? You would think the new owners would have taken some history classes.