Coronavirus Items are now Gated?


Received this message from seller support today when unable to change keywords in my listing. Looks like all listings related to coronavirus are under lockdown.

Can anyone confirm?


Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that, you’re getting the provided error while edit the ASIN: XYZ listing. Let me check and assist you in this case.

I have checked with the add a product tool and found that, currently we are not accepting applications to sell Sanitary masks and related products such as hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes products in New, Used, Refurbished, Collectible condition(s)

Please allow me to inform you that, due to Coronavirus Amazon is implementing a gate for Sanitary mask and related products such as hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes. Sellers will not have a path forward to apply to sell impacted products.

We will not be able to provide any further information at this time. We regret for the inconvenience and requesting your understanding in this matter.

To help us continually improve, we ask that you take a moment to complete our survey below to tell us about your experience with this specific interaction.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?



Yes. unscrupulous sellers have been price gouging, editing keywords to lure in people concerned about the virus, and making false claims on items such as masks that do not actually provide protection against viruses to profiteer off a public health emergency, so Amazon has been cracking down.


They are, because people were price gouging. So Amazon locked it all down.

Expect a flood of people posting in the forums over the next few weeks about being suspended for high prices


Politicians had been calling out Amazon and eBay about price manipulation.
The New York Governor said on a news briefing watch our Amazon, eBay, and Purrel. We will release sanitizing products that are made in prison by inmates and are better than what you have.
Now Amazon is trying to protect their image.


Got it, so this is sitewide? This is for our listing and we have been selling 15lb bulk casepacks of sanitizer for $40.




i believe amazon turned hand sanitizer into a gated category. you will have to fill out a form to sell again.

i don’t sell anything outside of electronics so i may not be entire correct