What does CP mean?


The Amazon generated return shipping label has a big block with the letters CP written in it, what does CP stand for? Thanks!


Trying to remember what an unpaid address label looks like, but I believe the CP is in the upper right corner of the label - where if this was an envelope - the stamps would be - correct?

This basically means the Customer Paid (or something like that) - meaning the returner needs to pay for postage.


MAVDAK is correct. It is customer paid. I supposed you click the non-prepaid label which will let the buyer shoulder the cost for the return label


Thanks everyone for quick response. I thought it was something like that, customer thought it meant Canadian Post :slight_smile:


or “Calculate Postage”, perhaps? I got nothin’…


I used multi-channel fulfillment to fulfill order outside of Amazon and now customer wants to return item. I was given link to page with generated RMA and return mailing address non-paid shipping label.

Is there a way to pay for that label on Amazon with their multi-channel fulfillment?

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