Unsatisfied customer - bad review - how to sort it out?



I have received an one star product review. It is my first product review and to make it even worse the review is about my two bestsellers. Sales have dramatically dropped.

Link: [click here|http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_apparel?ie=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Barnhard+Bodywear&node=1036592]

To solve this problem I want to sort it out with this customer. I want to offer this customer a larger size (for free) or make a full refund and ask her if she is willing to remove her review.

Question: I am looking for an example of such a question/e-mail to a customer.

What is the best way/question to make this customer a proposal to sort this out.

Any help will be highly appreciated… thanks in advance!


First send out an E-mail with your willingness to resolve the matter and see if they respond. You can’t work with a customer that won’t respond to E-mails so check first if they actually get or read their messages before you waste your time.


Hi, I read your feedback on the hipster undies when you posted last week and then the review and product disappeared, so I thought you had found a solution…the other review wasn’t there for the boy shorts though. It is obvious it is the same person writing both reviews as the same thing is said.

Since the customer is not responding to emails, I’ve seen sellers on this forum suggest sending a snail mail letter stating intentions. Remember you can’t promise them anything for feedback removal: just state your intentions of an offer of a replacement at a different size and refund.

The person has stated one of the issues is that the fabric is quite thin. This is a hurdle you may not be able to solve with this seller. Since this is a verified Amazon customer purchase and the person has bought from you and is dissatisfied with her purchase because of two major issues, you should authorize a refund for her (has she asked for a refund; I can’t remember from your thread last week about this same issue) as was suggested previously. Also, did you ever send her any emails last week about trying to solve this with her?

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I really do not see a way to sort that out unless you can produce the product in much larger size, thicker cotton. That was the gist of her complaints. You could refund in full … if you figure out which of your customers left the complaint, but that is not a guarantee that they would remove it.


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Quote: ´I really do not see a way to sort that out unless you can produce the product in much larger size, thicker cotton.´

She ordered a L, I can offer a XL for free. About the thickness that is just disappointment (I guess) they are not thin at all. Many customers love the fabric :wink:

I wonder - even when we could sort it out - if this customer will remove her feedback. She will just not think about it/remember it.

When I make her my offer can I just ask her to remove her feedback: in exchange for a full refund or a larger size (free)? Or is this not okay to/ask/to do so?

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Do not make the refund a condition of feedback/review removal. Give her the refund. Wait until she sees that the product was refunded and then email her asking if she would consider feedback removal. By making it a condition of refund you can be suspended.


First of all, let’s use the correct terms - that is a product review you’re talking about, not feedback.

I think you should say, it must simply have been put in the wrong box, our larges are the right size. Make darn sure that’s true, ship her the replacement, and ask after she expresses satisfaction if, given that you’ve solved the problem and it does indeed look like a one-off error, she would remove the review.

As to the fabric thickness issues, that’s personal taste. About all you can say to that is that most customers like the sheerness of the product and that it has less in the way of visible lines (or whatever) or, in her case, does not involve bulky fabric that would add to the already evidently massive size of her derriere. You might put it more diplomatically than that.

bunga bunga!


Like cd said, do not even mention the two in the same email, let alone the same sentence.

Send her a bigger one if you think that you must. Apologize for any misunderstanding with the sizing chart. Do not accuse her of choosing the wrong one.

I guess you are not familiar with Supersize in USA … and it sounds like her daughter is not tiny either at 11 years old. I can believe that.

Thin fabric rips more easily on big bottoms and I have a feeling that she knows that already.

Then in a few days after she received it, follow up with a postcard … and an email or two, but do not press it too hard even then.

In the meantime you might want to purchase a few X-es and XL-s and have them shipped to you from the USA, just to compare.

Hanes (Her Way) sounds similar to what you are offering, I do not know if Victoria’s Secret has those types.


What? You must have missed that the 11 year old weighs only 75 pounds. That is super thin. It sounds like a small should fit her—unless she is very, very short.


Thanks for all the help and advice :slight_smile:

I feel a bit disappointed this customer did not ask to change her items for a larger size. Some customers do. Instead she wrote this deadly review.

Quote: ´Do not make the refund a condition of feedback/review removal. Give her the refund. Wait until she sees that the product was refunded and then email her asking if she would consider feedback removal´

This sounds like a good solution. Should I first inform her (e-mail) and ask her about the complaints, tell her I care a lot about customers satisfaction (I really do) and offer her a full refund.

Or just make a full refund (without asking/telling). And send her later an email asking if she consider feedback removal.

(For both ways I will not make refund a condition of feedback/review removal… of course. Good to know I am allowed to ask for it)

I even consider to end/stop this account and start a complete new account. Maybe this way the review will not be visible/be removed. I also want to start selling socks (bamboo) but I am afraid this review will influence all my sales.

+Note: I feel like I want to scratch this one star with my fingernail from my screen.+

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