How to do Fulfillment by Merchant?


Hello, I recently joined Amazon Seller Central and created a new listing for new product I already have purchased from a manufacturer overseas. Then, I sadly got amazon’s message telling me that because I am a new seller I can’t send in new products to amazon FBA until December 19. I’ve thought of having my product shipped to my residence and start doing fulfillment by merchant for a while until I can start on FBA, and this way get working on sending samples and building my listing with good reviews. I am very lost on how to do fulfillment by merchant though, and I have no idea where to start. What is a good carrier? How can I calculate the price it will be to send it? Any recommendations or ideas? Thank you

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FBA is restricted for new sellers until December 19th to keep from having problem shipments from inexperienced sellers.

If you do choose to self-fulfill, you will list your products the same way; just specifying you will fulfill and not Amazon. Then, when an order is placed, you will be notified and show ‘Unshipped’ orders on your seller account.

You will then need to purchase shipping and ship the product. Depending on the type of products, you will likely find USPS to be the lower cost option. For items with a shipping weight of less than 1lb, USPS First Class will cost you a few dollars.

Your going to have to do your homework with regards to shipping costs. USPS has many flat rate and regional rate product offerings. You also need to do your homework on how to ship (i.e. padded envelope, box, etc.). On the USPS, UPS and FedEx websites, you can get pricing quotes so you can better estimate your actual shipping costs, and then price your items and shipping costs as needed.

There is not a one-size-fits-all shipping options for sellers. Your going to have to do some research and testing to verify options and costs.


What Hubcaps said.

Do NOT have friends and family review items. Amazon can spot the pattern and you will get suspended. That is review manipulation.

  1. READ, like Hubcaps said, the Help files (top right of any seller central page - button says Help) Watch all videos and read what you can and can’t list and how to do it. Don’t use the condition notes unless your items are used.

  2. Merchant fulfilled means you are a mial order shipping business, so research shipping costs and make sure you have all supplies - boxes, polymailers, tape, bubble wrap, labels, printer, scales. Make sure you understand commissions and shipping credits so you know how to price your items.

It’s a bad idea for a green seller to start FBA out of the gate anyways. Noobs make mistakes like sending too much of an item, thinking FBA is guaranteed sale, and racking up storage fees, which double in November/December. And this will give you time also to read all the FBA help and learn the process. And hopefully have some sales history so you will know what to send. Do not send slow moving, unranked products.

So not the end of the world. Read forums too and you can learn from our mistakes so you won’t make them.

good luck


Visit [Seller University|], then come back with any questions you have afterwards. However, be cautious soliciting reviews from friends and family. This is against policy and can get you shut down before Dec. 19.

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