How much are the fees for FBA Mexico?


I already sell in FBA USA but I am looking to start selling under FBA Mexico as well. I am wondering what is required and all fees for FBA Mexico.


There’s much more to it than fees.

Send FBA Inventory to Amazon

+If you have a North America Unified account and list products on,, and/or, products listed for sale in those marketplaces must be sent to a fulfillment center in the respective country.+

Important Information for International Sellers

+Delivery of Inventory. If you choose to send inventory directly to Amazon from outside your Elected Country, you must use an import broker (either one of your own choosing or one designated by Amazon). All inventory sent directly to Amazon from outside the Elected Country must be sent under “Delivery Duty Paid destination” freight terms with all relevant import duties and other taxes paid. Amazon will not be responsible for any import duties, taxes, collect freight or miscellaneous charges associated with importation into the Elected Country.+


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