How do you add a video to your product listing?


How do you add a video to your product listing?


Only Amazon or a Vendor (through Vendor Central) can do videos. we standard 3P sellers can’t upload videos … Not link to them.


YOU don’t.
Only Amazon and some sellers in the vendor program have this ability.


I have seen some FBA sellers who have images and video in their listings (even on listings never sold by, so clearly it is possible, but it seems you need to have some sort of special connection or relationship with Amazon to be able to do this.

It’s unfortunate that this requires a special connection with Amazon, because I believe allowing all FBA sellers to add images and video to their listings and product descriptions would be a very helpful and user-friendly feature for Amazon’s customers.


No, it would create a complete mess !


Hello Ziha Accessories,

Thank you for posting your question.

The ability to use A+ content (info-graphics, mp3s, videos) in detail pages is limited to items sold and shipped by Also, approved vendors through our Vendor Express program have this functionality.

It you notice a seller with the buy box on these detail pages, it is most likely due to Amazon creating the detail page, but no longer offering that product for sale. The detail page will still remain “as is” even if Amazon no longer has an active offer.

If this feature is rolled out to third party sellers in the future, an announcement will be made via Seller Central.



How so? Amazon could provide templates for listings with images, and obviously, Amazon would need quality standards for the videos. But in the end, it would provide a much better buying experience than just reading a block of text for the product description.


I’m pretty sure the world’s largest online retailer, which employs some pretty smart people, can figure out a little HTML.

I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.


We as a Vendor Central seller can create A+ pages for any listing we wish. For about $400 per ASIN…


Do you realize how many people Amazon would have to hire, to provide support.

The fact alone that so few seller would be able to get the coding right, would be a nightmare.

*Successful product marketing at Amazon starts with a strong detail page. A+ Enhanced Marketing Content (A+ EMC) pages give you the opportunity to provide rich content so that you can use your product detail page to more completely demonstrate your product and its uniqueness, develop your brand, and provide supplemental product information. You can see examples of A+ EMC pages on the Amazon website, here and here, by scrolling down to the section labeled From the Manufacturer. This is also valuable to customers because it helps them make informed buying decisions and enhances both their shopping experience and product research.

A+ EMC pages can help you to:

Increase customer conversion.
Improve Search Engine Optimization.
Retain customer interest.
Educate shoppers about model variations and features.
Promote brand awareness.

How to

After you have confirmed a new sample purchase order, you can begin the process of creating an A+ EMC page. Follow these steps:

Complete the A+ EMC page template. Please use one template per item.
Create a ZIP file that contains the template and all required pictures in JPEG format.
In Vendor Express, click Help, and then click the Email button at the bottom of the page.
Complete the Contact Us form and be sure to include a product identifier (UPC, EAN, or GTIN).
For Issue, select Enhanced Media Content - A+ Detail Pages.
Upload the ZIP file.

Note: Please use a separate Contact Us and ZIP file (that includes your completed template and images) for each product.

We can only build and publish your A+ EMC page if all required content is submitted and follows these guidelines. Failure to submit complete and guideline-compliant content will cause delays or lead to rejection of your proposed detail page.
A+ EMC editorial guidelines

Follow our guidelines to develop clear, constructive, and useful text and images for your A+ EMC page.

Mandatory guidelines:

Has a tone that is friendly, helpful, and informative.
Contains the numbers of words and characters specified in the template.
Is written in third-person.
Concentrates on your product and not other products (for example, comparisons).
Focuses on the product's unique features and benefits not discussed elsewhere on the detail page.
Follows Amazon legal and security guidelines, including:
    Unauthenticated award information, trademark, and copyright symbols are removed.
    Unqualified claims (for example “Best-Selling”) are removed.
    Legally questionable language and descriptors should be removed.
    Terms that are difficult to verify (like “eco-friendly”) cannot be included.
    Warranty and guarantees, when applicable, are to be clearly stated to provide a well-informed purchase experience for the customer.
    Do not include links in your content.

Avoids time-sensitive information.
Is unique (this builds customer trust and can improve Search Engine Optimization).
Follows the Chicago Manual of Style:
    All numbers under 10 are spelled out (one, two, three, etc.).
    Each line in a list ends with consistent punctuation (avoid switching back and forth within a single list).
    Each major word in a header is capitalized.
    Serial commas/oxford commas are used (for example, "This product has features A, B, and C.").
    Book, video game, and other media titles are italicized.

A+ EMC image guidelines
Note: It is mandatory that you have all necessary rights to any images you provide for your A+ EMC page.

The best A+ EMC images clearly illustrate product features and complement the product description. Our image specifications can simplify your selection and submission process.

Images are automatically resized and compressed. Supported file types are JPG, JPEG, BMP, and PNG in the RGB colorspace. The CYMK colorspace is not supported. To minimize upload times, try to keep individual files under 1mb.

For best results, follow these guidelines, ensuring that your images:

Are high enough resolution/quality to clearly convey the intended information and add value for the customer.
Are unique from other images on the detail page.
Clearly display your product or its features, even when lifestyle images are used.
Include only one brand logo and only icons that help customers navigate through the text.
Visually convey product information.

Would be a total train wreck, and likely not be cost effective to Amazon


The way it’s shaping up for me, I may go for it on a few listings. Just need to find someone who can create it lol


Out of curiosity, does that include ASIN’s for which you are FBA-only?


Aside from the fact that Amazon’s technology team has one of the highest turnovers in the sector due to a myriad of reasons, I’d just like to say something as an actual programmer.

+Nothing is ever as simple as it seems from the outside when dealing with code.+


Would you be interested in creating an A+ listing for my product for 400?


+Would you be interested in creating an A+ listing for my product for 400?+

The Vendor has to pay Amazon $400 to make an A+ listing for one of the items they supply to Amazon. He isn’t charging others $400 to create a listing of their items.

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