How can I change my selling account from individual to professional?


how can I change my selling account from individual to professional as a seller? does anyone know what steps do I have to take in order to start selling as a professional seller? do I need to obtain a business name, business license, or any other licenses? please, advise, if anyone can? thank you!


1.Login To Your Amazon Selling Account
2.Go To Account Setting ( Account Info )
3.You Will See Selling Plan
4.Click Modify Plan
5.Click Upgrade

You Are Now Professional Seller On Amazon.


You can keep your information as is however keep in mind you will have a monthly fee from Amazon which they will automatically deduct from your funds


Follow the steps above to upgrade your account, however just like the title suggests, you will be treated by Amazon like so.

Resale, Tax ID etc,.

Everything a b&m store would need, you will need. Expect, the b&m store itself. :slight_smile:


Hello goodsofvalue,

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An Individual Seller can upgrade to a Professional selling account any time. For the $39.99 monthly subscription fee, you get the following benefits:

  • Use of feeds, spreadsheets, and other tools to load inventory
  • Access to order reports and order-related feeds
  • Eligibility for Featured Merchant status and listing placement in the Buy Box
  • Ability to define your own shipping rates and service levels for non-BMVD items
  • No $0.99 per-transaction fees

To switch your selling plan to a Professional subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings link and select Account Info.
  2. On the Seller Account Information page, scroll down to the Selling Plan section and click Modify Plan.
  3. Click the Upgrade button.
  4. Review the terms on the next page and then click the Proceed to Upgrade button.

After clicking the “Proceed to Upgrade” button, you will be returned to your Account Info page and see a message indicating that the upgrade process has begun.

Your subscription to the Professional selling plan will begin immediately, and additional links to Professional seller tools will appear in your account. Some billing features may take up to 30 minutes to become effective.

Once the upgrade process is completed, you will no longer be charged a per-item fee. The first month’s subscription fee will be debited to your seller account immediately and monthly thereafter. You can see the monthly subscription fee in the Payments pages of your seller account.

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If you read this Seller Help link, you’ll see links that you can click for volume listing tools, inventory reports and orders reports. HTH



I have been digging for quite some time, and still cannot find the answer to this:
Can anyone please tell me where to find a listing of exactly what “feeds, spreadsheets, and other tools to load inventory” are available to those subscribing to the Professional Selling Plan?

I am on the verge of switching over from Individual, and the answer to this will swing my decision one way or another.

Many thanks!



Thanks so much for your help!

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