Does Amazon have a minimum character requirement for reviews?


We have been getting a number of reviews lately that are 5 words or less, and rarely helpful Example:
3 stars - “it’s good”

Does Amazon have a minimum word requirement for reviews?


Yes they do…

Not too short, not too long: Written reviews should be at least 20 words and are limited to 5,000 words. The ideal length is 75 to 500 words. Video reviews have a 10-minute limit, but we recommend 2 to 5 minutes to keep your audience engaged.


What was quoted by the other poster is Amazon’s suggestions for writing a ‘Great Review’. It does not prevent a review from being submitted that is less than the ‘suggested’ 20 word minimum.

Actually, as long as there is at least 1 character, the writer will be able to submit it without an error. Amazon may review these and decide to remove them but the minimum character requirement for reviews is 1.


Do they remove if the review is less than 20 words?


No. But they will remove it if it violated any of the rules about product reviews in the link provided earlier.


But if you read that link, it says you must explain why and shouldn’t be shorter than 20 words. So if someone purchases your product and leaves a review saying “bad product” with 1 star. This should be removed based on what that link says. Am I missing something?



Nowhere in that link does it state a minimum word/character count. The 20 words and ‘Include the Why’ are in the How Can I Write a Great Review section, not the Guidelines.

The parts you mention are suggestions to writing a great review, not guidelines which must be followed by reviewers. Amazon allows not-great reviews.

If Amazon had a minimum word/character requirement, that would be a simple thing to implement. They do not.

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