Anyone have problem shipping to Canada with USPS?


We have many customer from Canada complain to us that they have not receive their package. When I check the tracking on USPS website it all stopped update after arrived at San Francisco, CA. It happen to all the orders that shipped in the last week of Jan till now.


You can also check as tracking details once it arrives in Canada will be more accurate.

If it is still not in Canada’s system or there is no tracking events in Canada, contact USPS.

I have had a few items that got lost in the US for several weeks before they got scanned again and eventually were delivered in Canada.

I think sometimes and item get stuck in the wrong truck and then stuck at the wrong location and just sits there.



We have check on Canada Post. All the package arrive in Canada customs and all the tracking have this message.
“All items are subject to review for admissibility into Canada by the Canada Border Services Agency. Once an item clears all regulatory processes, it is handed over to Canada Post for delivery. Delivery time depends on the product and the distance to its destination.”
That’s strange. Usually, it take only 7-10 business days for delivery and now it take like 1 month and still not deliver. We afraid it will bring down our account performance which already happen on our Ebay account.


It should not take a month. Most of the time, from end-to-end should be less than 2 weeks.

At a month, you probably need to deal with the fact that it is probably lost. It might still be found, but that is not certain or soon.



We have the EXACT same issue!!! 350 parcels. What i have been able to figure out it started on 01/21/17. All my tracking #'s use to start with LJ then they changed to UA. Get nothing from either side USPS/Canada Post. Both say it is the other guys problem. Not to mention I was told by Canada Post that in their eyes I am no longer the sender, USPS is the sender since their contract is with them and I am unable to start a Service ticket…USPS has to do it.

The items can be tracked on the USPS side to the International export office…but nothing in Canada

Same tracking # shows information on Canada Post side showing it cleared customs and was given to Canada Post. Then everything STOPS and Canada Post will not research with out a Service Ticket that I am unable to create.

I am 99% sure this is due to the tracking # change on 01/21/17. see examples

1/21/2017 $2.50 Delivered LJ929529139US 1/27/2017
1/21/2017 $2.50 Delivered LJ929529142US 1/28/2017
1/21/2017 $2.50 Delivered LJ929529156US 1/30/2017
1/21/2017 $3.33 Delivered LJ929529200US 1/26/2017
1/21/2017 $3.33 Delivered LJ929529213US 1/26/2017
1/21/2017 $3.54 Delivered LJ929529377US 1/27/2017
1/22/2017 $3.75 In Transit UA355278018US
1/22/2017 $2.50 In Transit UA355278066US
1/22/2017 $2.50 In Transit UA355278070US
1/22/2017 $2.50 In Transit UA355278083US
1/22/2017 $2.91 In Transit UA355278415US
1/22/2017 $3.54 In Transit UA355278429US
1/22/2017 $3.33 In Transit UA355278432US

This will result it over $10,000.00 in refunds, so if anyone knows anything HELP!!!


This was answered in response to your post.

When I checked your tracking numbers on I found them. There is detail there.

When you use USPS to ship anywhere, use the same tracking number in that country’s postal system website.



Yes, the problem started after USPS changed the tracking from LJ to UA. I also checked on the orders that received by customers with the positive feedback. The tracking also did not show the package delivered on Canada Post website. Even though the customer did received the package. I also asked the customers to contact Canada Post about their package. But its weird that the Canada Post said that they have send the sender another tracking after the package arrived in Canada. We have not receive any thing from Canada Post. They won’t tell the customer where the package and asked the customer to tell the seller to contact Canada Post for further information. We also try to contact Canada Post today but can not get to the representative. The answering machine keep asking for the tracking that started with CA but we don’t have any tracking that start with CA.


We are having the exact same problem; we all of a sudden started getting contacted last week by customers stating that they had ordered a month ago and haven’t received anything. Canada Post Tracking only shows that it cleared Customs and was provided to Canada Post for delivery. I spoke with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and they confirmed that once the tracking shows that it cleared through them, it is given to Canada Post.

I was able to speak to a representative with Canada Post just now and after explaining the entire situation (problem exists with multiple packages, change in tracking number letters, other sellers are having the same problem, etc), all they were able to come back with was, “you need to contact USPS and ask that they open an inquiry with Canada Post for the package.” I asked again if she or anyone else at Canada Post would be able to provide an explanation for the sudden change in delivery process, not just for one particular package, and they said no.

Through from previous interactions, I know that USPS is not able to open inquiries for First Class International Mail because the Tracking Number that is provided is not “technically” trackable. I chose to call anyway in case anyone had any information regarding the general situation; no such luck. They cannot open an inquiry for these packages and the representative was unaware of any differences between LJ and UA tracking numbers.

I understand a package here and there getting lost or delayed, but this is clearly not an isolated issue. All I have been able to find online is that Canada Post was definitely backed up a few times since January due to severe winter weather conditions, which is understandable. But I was hoping they could at least provide a reason to believe that this is a temporary problem and not a permanent change to their processes.

Can anyone add to this information?


Has anyone been able to resolve this. Neither Canada Post nor US Postal system will take responsibility? There are hundreds of packages missing. If anyone had a resolution please let us know. This is so frustrating. I closed all my Canada listings in thousands.

I found this site to put in complaints for Canada Post and just filed a complain. Everybody please put in a complain to this entity below if you have not had a resolution. Maybe they will help resolve the issue - at least if enough businesses complain they will take it seriously.

The Ombudsman at Canada Post - A team with a fair view

Thank you.


Some of our customers contact Canada Post and they gave the customers ticket # for reimbursement to all the packages they can not located/trackable. Canada Post told the receiver to ask the seller to call Canada Post with the ticket # for reimbursement. We have not call yet, not sure how that work. We tried to claim the ticket # on Canada Post website but getting error on the next page.


Great, our now under review due to defect rate higher than 1%. Eight A to Z claims open and 4 negative feedback. Anyone have a new shipping solution to ship from US to Canada. We try UPS and Fedex and the shipping fee like $20 for 3 oz package. Most of our items for sale under $10. No customers going to buy our products with that high shipping fee.


The simple answer is that this business model will not work for you.

It is hard enough to be profitable with selling inexpensive items. It is even harder to be profitable and competitive when shipping internationally.

I suggest that you shift your focus to more valuable items (not less than $30 for international sales).

Focus on domestic sales for those less expensive items.

You might also consider FBA, but there is a lot of work and probably expense in registering your company in another country.



FYI this is happening for me since March. None are even showing up on Canada website now.


Well, let’s just say I found this thread by googling “canadian postal problems amazon seller”. Lol. I have been an online seller since 1993. I have ALWAYS had problems with Canadian shipments. However, the past few months, it is getting unbearable. Always the same, shows as leaving Los Angeles, then nothing after that.

I just today, had a customer really dress me down and call me a scammer because his order didn’t arrive. Apparently it didn’t influence his point of view that the tracking number confirmed it had at least made it out of the U.S.

Just off the top of my head, I would say Canadian orders account for roughly 3% of my orders, but over 50% of my problems. I an VERY strongly considering making Canada the only country in the world that I refuse to ship to.

I have had so many Canadian orders that I had to refund or replace in the past few months, that I am getting to ready to do a profit and loss investigation to see if I have lost more money than I have made. It is ridiculous. I mean, WHAT could it be? Do they just take packages to the landfill when they arrive in Canada or what???


We are experiencing the same problem. We have started to insure all of our packages with the UA tracking. It seems to go through spurts as we had a complaint today and we had not had one for nearly 6 weeks on the topic.

It is cheaper to insure than it is to upgrade to the package rate. It looks like this will be my first claim that I have to submit, so we will see if it is worth the hassle.


I’m having the same problem, any updates or suggestions on this matter ??


anyone with any new updates? We are also experiencing A LOT of buyers stating packages not received and it has been more than a month. Very unusual…


My Canadian orders used to arrive to my customers within a week using USPS. Now, USPS Priority orders are taking close to a month or more. My customers are understandably not happy about this at all. Even the tracking information is spotty and now rarely updates after it leave the U.S. I am not sure what is now happening to cause all of these issues, but sure do wish it gets resolved soon or I am going to have to stop offering shipping there. I just ate over $30 today for a Priority shipment that did not arrive to a Canadian customer. UPS and FedEx are waaay too expensive for our lightweight options. So, I am currently at the mercy of USPS, Canada Customs and the Canada Post :frowning:

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You can open account. Now, they have a GlobalPost Priority service (6-10days) to Canada for $8.58 up to 8oz. We been using this service for months and have not have any problem.


Canada Post usually announces when issues arise with their delivery. I just checked and they are on “RED Alert Mail Delivery Suspended” right now. I would adjust my shipping templates te exclude Canada until the suspension is cleared.