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Hi guys,

I’ve had a problem about the print size of suffocation warning when preparing fba products with poly bag, and I am planning to print the warning label by myself with a printer.

Actually, I am confused with the regulation" Total Length plus Width of Bag", does that mean the sum of 2 lengths(of the bag) + 2 widths(of the bag)? or just 1 length(of the bag) + 1 width(of the bag)?

Total Length plus Width of Bag Minimum Print Size
60 inches or more 24 point
40 to 59 inches 18 point
30 to 39 inches 14 point
less than 29 inches 10 point

For example, I’ve got a poly bag with Length of 19’’ and width of 6’’, so when deciding the print size using the rule" Total Length plus Width of Bag", which result should I use? 50’’(219+26)? or 25’’(19+6)?

Could someone help me with that?

Thanks in advance, and have a thriving businesses!

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Length + Width

You don’t have to make them the smallest size possible - you can always use a bigger label than the minimum.


Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and kind suggestion.

That really helps.


When we joined the FBA Program, we began by printing the Suffocation Warning labels on neon colored 24lb paper.

We now purchase these from ULine.

Uline 2" x 2" Suffocation Warning Peel & Stick Labels


Some of our largest plush toys are packed in 22" x 24" poly bags. We generally put them in the same area as the FNSKU “stickers,” which makes it easier for them to locate my labels.



Uline 2" x 2" Suffocation Warning Peel & Stick Labels

Please note the labels linked to above are not the required warning label, which should read:

WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages or play pens. This bag is not a toy.


This link is for 1000 labels for less than the link you posted for 500:


I have no affiliation with either listing, I just noticed it when I clicked on your link.




Packaging Baby Products

+Place exposed baby products in transparent sealed bags or shrink wrap (minimum of 1.5 mil.) clearly marked with a suffocation warning label.+

+Permitted packaging materials:+

+Poly bags+
+*Suffocation stickers* or markings+


Your reference is commonly used on “Suffocation Warning Bags” (see screenshot).



Thanks, Tony, I appreciate it.


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