Which months of the year tend to be the slowest for sales?


I’m new at selling on Amazon and since January sales have declined a little more each month. Is this
normal for this time of year, post holiday season? April seems to be the worst so far. How are sales during the summer. I’m currently selling books.

Thanks for any insights you can provide.


With the right inventory every month is a good month, although February is usually the worst month because it has the fewest days.

I recommend selling new items and not falling into the book hunter trap half the forum has fallen into.


January through December usually suck


>Which months of the year tend to be the slowest for sales?

January for beach balls and sun screen. July for snow shovels and sleds.


Many new sellers experience a drop in selling after an initial burst of sales, depending on their inventory and their success in adding new stock. It’s possible that no matter what month you started you’d be experiencing the same pattern.


In case no one has mentioned this, you have to buy (and buy wisely) to replace the stock you’ve sold.


As both an author and an Amazon FBA bookseller, I see this issue from multiple angles. While there could be many issues, with books, you will generally see the best sales in December / January, followed by October / November. There may also be a peak in May/June. But February through April and July through September are dead months and there really is no way around that. Unless you’re carrying books hot off the press, there just isn’t that much interest beyond 1) Christmas sales and 2) books for school.


December/January and August/September are my best months for book sales. Things have been picking up since April 15, but February up to then is pretty slow. I sell all kinds of books, but quite a few textbooks, which are having a little bump in sales right now. If sales are slowing for you I would check my pricing.


It simply depends on what you sell. You have to learn the trends for each product industry and how they operate world wide. There is a science to it, and you have to study the industry you are going to specialize in. There is no one easy quick fix answer to your question because products come and go over time, some short, and some long.

We sell a lot of books year round to public, school, and university libraries all year long. Text books are always heavy at semester start times. Specialty Trade instructional manuals are good all year, where novels aren’t worth anything because they are printed by the 100,000’s.


Really depends on your ability to list what sells, be very competitive on pricing and replenish that stock quickly. Pretty much if that’s possible for you then you can dictate your flow of sales anytime.

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Not if you ship to Australia.

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